Product Review: “Pretty in Pink” Warpaint Beauty Nail Polish

I know I had mentioned before that I had gotten a job. Well, as it turns out, they didn’t want me after all. To help cope with this massive ego blow, I was watching some anime to help relieve the depression.

So as I’m watching the anime, I realize I have this nail polish – just sitting there and gathering dust.

Instead of just wallowing further in my self-pity, I decided to do a review of this nail polish! Let’s get to it!

Originally, Warpaint Beauty is a Hot Topic beauty line that, I suppose, didn’t do so well. I got this and an eye shadow for extremely cheap and they were on clearance on top of that. I know I mentioned a little about its history once upon a time. But now it seems that they don’t even sell them on the website anymore. Hmm. Maybe I should check out eBay for other colors… In any case, let’s get this review started!

Click on the thumbnail to see the full picture.

As you can see, the color is a bright, pretty pink. Usually I like pinks with my nail polishes but the top part of the polish actually makes it kind of hard to put it on my nails right. It’s a square top and it doesn’t grip very well. But to be fair, I haven’t put on nail polish in a while. Still, though, I wish it was a little easier to put it on.

An upside down look. Also click to see the full picture.

Longevity-wise, it can last a while. I’ve had it on my toes before and it could definitely last. For my nails though, it can last and it can actually dry up fairly quickly. I was sort of surprised when it dried up as fast as it did. However, the color itself may be too bright for me since, as I keep mentioning, a Latina/Hispanic. Perhaps it’d look better on someone who’s lighter than me? Well, at least I don’t think it looks good on me. It’s too bright.

As for the color, you really need just one coat in order for the pink to come out. You may need a top cover in order to keep it even but I don’t think it’s really necessary? Up to you, really. Preferably, I try to save as much as I can so I don’t since it doesn’t really need it.

And a while means about 10 to 15 minutes.

Click on the thumbnail to see the full picture.

It is a pretty pink though! I could see myself using it as part of a marble design or something with the other colors I have. But by itself? I don’t think I’d use it unless I’m doing nail art or something.

Longevity It dries fairly quickly and it lasts quite a while. Of course, you still have to be careful with your nails but it doesn’t take that long to dry at all.
Price For how much I got it for, it was well worth the prices, however, I can’t say how much they are anymore since they’re no longer in production. You would have to look up eBay or Amazon or even second-hand sellers if you want to buy this product.
Color The pink is a really pretty color but it might be too light for me. It stands out too much and it’s actually kind of bright. It doesn’t feel right with me.
Overall 7/10 – I really do like this nail polish but I really don’t see myself hurrying to use it anytime soon. The main problem I have is with the cap. It’s hard to grip and it’s hard to put on my fingernails and toes. I’m always worried I’m going to lose it. That’s really my main gripe. I wish I could say it’s because of the color but I’m pretty meticulous (or try to be) when I’m applying nail polish. I don’t want to worry as much as if I’m holding onto a regular cap.

Thank you for reading this review!


Introducing Blackheart Beauty from Hot Topic?

This morning, I received an email from Hot Topic (yes, yes, I know – but honestly, it’s only because they sell Sailor Moon and other pop culture merchandise now and I’d like to get the best sales) stating that they’re going to create a new line of beauty products called “Blackheart Beauty”. This, I think, would be their second line of beauty and makeup.

The first would possibly be the Warpaint Beauty brand (which seems to be on clearance right now). Although taking a glance on places like Tumblr, it seems that because of the fact it’s on clearance it seems that it finally took off. Too little too late? Maybe. Actually, I may put up a review soon about the nail polish one of these days just so there’s a little bit more to say about that brand. But with the new brand that’s out, it looks like the nail polish comes in little skulls which, I personally think, is cute.

Right now, they’re starting off at $5 each for the nail polish which is, eh, okay. The colors I’m most interested in are: Blue Me, Foiled Again (even though it’s just really just a top coating), and maybe the Toxicity. I’m not that thrilled with the line and the other colors they offer for their liners, lipsticks, glosses, etc. It doesn’t stand out that much to me and it looks like any other line. But then, these days most shoppers are teenagers. And no, that wasn’t shade being thrown – I’m making a general statement.

I don’t know. I was more impressed with the Warpaint line than this one because their hues (especially the purple ones) are really pretty. I may go to my local Hot Topic to pick up some nail polish later before they are gone for good.

Oh yeah, there’s a video that goes along with this line. It’s just a small tutorial on how to create the smokey eye look using the Blackheart Beauty line.



So what do you think? Do you see yourself purchasing anything from this line? Does anything spark your interest or is this just another possibly fatal attempt to create a new makeup line to regain profits Warpaint never gained?