Store Review: Lush

“I see cosmetics as more of an art than science, and being able to draw beautiful pictures with ingredients like this is almost like painting a portrait and thinking ‘how does this sound?’ and ‘what effect is this going to have?”

-Helen Ambrosen, LUSH founder and product inventor

When a friend of mine told me there was one of these stores opening up, I was somewhat skeptical. You see, I’m taking a business class in my community college that makes us look and think about the companies we’re buying into. One of the cases in particular is the Body Shop. They’re known to be anti-animal testing as well as supporting other non-profit groups as well as making the claim that their products are all natural. However, as it turns out, the company had indeed bought things from suppliers who have tested on animals. I mean, that’s not to say that they’re an evil company or anything – just hypocritical.

It seems they’ve cleaned up their act since then but we’re not here to talk about The Body Shop. Instead, we’re going to talk about Lush.

From what I understand about Lush, it’s also a store who uses all natural ingredients. And when I mean all of them, I mean, all of them. Like I mentioned before, because of the aforementioned case about The Body Shop, I was very skeptical about Lush. I’m kind of picky about my cosmetics as it is – I want to research as much as I can before I even apply the makeup. Again, like I mentioned before, I want to be able to look really good when I apply makeup. In fact, even though I finally got one review about Hot Topic’s Warpaint Beauty line, I’m still going to be searching for reviews that are not sponsored. I want the good with the bad.

Anyway, days before the trip to the local fashion mall, another friend of mine came up to me and showed me the website. I was intrigued. I thought it was just a regular makeup store. The first thing that I see on the website is how they’re against animal testing (aren’t we all?) and how they have bath bombs, melts, and as well as your basic hair, shower, face, body, and perfume line. Alright, I’m a bit more willing to check this store now that I know what it has.

Soon Saturday came and along with my friend, Tiffany, her sister, Alison, another friend, Claudia, and even my boyfriend, I went to the fashion mall to go check this out.

I wasn’t able to take pictures but I don’t think I need to. Everything was clearly labeled (although everything looked like food – which didn’t help any since my boyfriend and I were starving) and we did get a bit of a chance to look around before the store clerk took notice of us and started to talk to us. We made it clear to her that we were new to this store, period (because the other closest Lush store was in a very snotty part of town or in San Fransisco – we weren’t willing to go that far just for a store).

She gave us a small tour of the shop along with emphasizing how natural their products are. She even gave us all, including my boyfriend, a demonstration on how their skin care products worked. What was funny was that my two friends and my boyfriend had the same skin type while my friend Claudia and I had completely different skin types from them.

Was I surprised that the product worked? No. Not everyone was going to put it on the same way the store clerk was and I’m not expecting to. However the change was almost instantaneous. Even though it was a small part on my hand, it felt extremely soft.

As tempting as it was to get it, I didn’t. Instead, we thanked her and explored around a bit more after she let us go. I also noticed that they have a lot of things for those who are vegans or vegetarians. I thought that was pretty cool – at least it’s not just catered to one group of people, right?

The prices were a bit expensive for me though. As much as I want the all-natural cosmetics, it was expensive. To be fair, that’s not entirely a bad thing. The girl did mention that Lush does buy from only companies who do not participate in  animal testing and if they found out their supplier were doing so, they would stop buying from them. That means, the prices are going to go up if such a thing were to happen.

But again, I kind of expected this because they’re in a pretty high-class and expensive mall to begin with. If I was upset about the prices, then I’m in the wrong mall.

It also seemed that they had hair shampoos and conditioners to try as well – since I’m always trying to find something to help take away the grease from my hair but we didn’t have time since we had other things to do. Maybe next time!

Up front, we tried a free sample of their Bubblegum Lip Scrub. It’s not only something to cover your lips with but it’s also edible! And yes, it actually does taste like bubblegum. But for $8.95? Jeez…I don’t know if I’m even willing to spend $18 on this, even with the discount code.

They also had up front a petition to sign to get the attention of major cosmetics to stop animal testing. But we’ll see if they’ll actually listen. Let’s hope!

Location Good location. Easy to find right away.
Service Excellent. The girls answers most questions. Great knowledge of products and the store itself as well as easy to approach.
Products Very uniquely named! They take light of themselves and doesn’t try to be “offensive-but-funny” like other companies tend to do.
Prices Could be a better but overall pretty decent (except maybe the lip scrubs).
Overall 8/10 – it’s really a price gripe but I wish they didn’t state over and over how natural their products are. We heard you the first time.