Kawaii Case x Rainbow Chiffon: I’m Still Around, I Promise!



So after trying to find time to update, I’ve signed up for Kawaii Case‘s affiliate program! This means that whatever you purchase, I’ll get about 10%  of whatever purchase you make!

As for Rainbow Chiffon’s future, I’m literally about to graduate from college so everything is getting my attention right now but please look forward to online store reviews as well as my attempt to have a Gyaru Circle where I am. Of course, I’ll still try to post some makeup reviews (I’m so behind on this!) as well so this blog can be active again.

This isn’t much of an update, but it’s just to hopefully try to resurrect Rainbow Chiffon! I’ve met so many wonderful people through Gyaru and I finally feel confident about myself and enjoying this lifestyle. Again, please be a bit more patient if you’re waiting for an update from me! You can always contact me on Twitter or Facebook (just click on the links). Just be sure to tell me who are.