Kawaii Case x Rainbow Chiffon: I’m Still Around, I Promise!



So after trying to find time to update, I’ve signed up for Kawaii Case‘s affiliate program! This means that whatever you purchase, I’ll get about 10%  of whatever purchase you make!

As for Rainbow Chiffon’s future, I’m literally about to graduate from college so everything is getting my attention right now but please look forward to online store reviews as well as my attempt to have a Gyaru Circle where I am. Of course, I’ll still try to post some makeup reviews (I’m so behind on this!) as well so this blog can be active again.

This isn’t much of an update, but it’s just to hopefully try to resurrect Rainbow Chiffon! I’ve met so many wonderful people through Gyaru and I finally feel confident about myself and enjoying this lifestyle. Again, please be a bit more patient if you’re waiting for an update from me! You can always contact me on Twitter or Facebook (just click on the links). Just be sure to tell me who are.


[SPONSORED] Bow-Accent Striped Canvas Tote Review (+ Pictures)


Added on January 19, 2012: First of all, I have to apologize to those who follow this blog about my sudden disappearance  I had started college and participated in last year’s NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) – and won! After that, I had to suddenly travel to have some fun in New Jersey! I had this review written earlier but I didn’t have time to take the pictures until recently. I sincerely apologize! I do have a bit of backlog of reviews I have to do so please look forward to even more reviews in the future!

In an attempt to promote their new website, YesWalker, the staff of YesStyle posted a message on their Facebook page – asking those with fashion blogs to inquiry about a one-time sponsorship. I had emailed them and asked if I was still acceptable despite the fact I haven’t updated since September – and they had approved!

Because I had asked them send me to New Jersey, it took a little longer because the area I’m had been affected by Hurricane Sandy. However, once I did get it, I immediately started to use it to prep for this review. Soon, I received the Bow-Accent Striped Canvas Tote!


The full purse.

The purse has both an outside and inside pockets. They’re not that big but they’re also not that small. It’s actually just right! The purse itself is a shoulder bag mostly although there is an extra strap and hooks for it if you choose to use it in that way. It’d be a great bag to use when you’re travelling, out with friends, although, for me, it’s something that’ll be a great everyday use instead. The extra pockets both in and out will definitely help keep track of your smaller items – like your wallet, keys, etc.

In other words, the purse is actually pretty practical and the extra room in the purse only makes me wish I should add more stuff in there. What about what it actually looks like though? Would it be okay if it was just a plain purse?

Of course not! It has to be cute and it has to fit what style you like. As you can tell on the front, there is a big bow and a bear on it.


A closer look at the LOVE BEAR.

By the way, the bow is not detachable.  The only thing you can remove is the longer strap that makes it more of a shoulder bag. The material itself doesn’t feel very cheap as some of these tote bags sometimes tend to but at about $40, it should be able to withstand most things anyway. The interior is soft, almost a velvety texture but it has some flower designs on the inside.


The insides.

If there’s anything that I would have complain about, though, it’s really the mere fact it took a while to get to where I am. Granted, though, that’s not the fault of the purse or the awesome staff of YesWalker – that’s entirely because of what happened during Hurricane Sandy. I really love this purse and I foresee myself using it more and more as an everyday use (which is good since another purse of mine is getting to the point where it’s going to tear any minute).

Color 10/10 – The colors are mainly brown and white but the brown is dark enough where you can easily mix and match outfits with it – after all, the purse is only an accessory! I might be tempted to put some keychains on it later down the road but we’ll see.
Design 10/10 – The design itself is really, really cute! The bear may not be everyone’s favorite animal but it’s hardly the focus. The bow, I think, adds the most to the cute factor and the reason I think people’s heads would turn while I’m out and about with it.
Comfort 10/10 – The straps don’t hurt me or rub off on me to where it hurts like some other purses and totes may do so. My skin isn’t that sensitive, although some others are. I wouldn’t worry so much about it rubbing off on you too hard though. Again, there are straps if you feel the purse should be longer than what it is already.
Overall 10/10 – This purse is actually perfect for me since I’m travelling to school now and I need something to keep my important items securely and I need to make sure my purse stays on my shoulder if I need to stand on the bus. I would definitely recommend this purse for the gyaru on the constant go!

Circles Lens Review: Vassen Little Mermaid Ocean Blue (+ Pictures)

So my circle lens finally arrived! I actually feel that it took longer. Hmm. Maybe it’s because I was expecting them any day, haha. But they still arrived very quickly!

As a reminder, I got the Vassen Little Mermaid Ocean Blue, plano – because I honestly don’t remember my prescription. I had bought these from Pinky Paradise as a gift to myself and to start myself off with a circle lens addiction. Er um. Here’s the information about the lenses:

Diameter: 14.5
Water Content: 42%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Lifetime: 1 (One) Year
Country: South Korea
Website: http://www.vassen-contactlens.com/

Click to get to the product page on Pinky Paradise!

Hmm. Perhaps I have to warn that I’m not wearing any makeup because, well, I’m lazy. That’s really it. Sorry, if you were looking for those types of pictures. Also I have yet to own a pair of false eyelashes so I guess that’s another thing I have to “warn” about. Haha… Well. I’m just so excited that I just sort of rushed it. Whatever, I do what I want!

Anyway, I did a quick comparison picture to see whether they enlarged:

Such a difference!

The enlargement is obvious but I don’t think that’s really a bad thing. Hmm. I really like how they came out though!

Also, I must note that the only reason my left eye looks red is because I always have trouble putting in my left contact. Always. It took a while but I got it in! I also waited about 10 minutes for my left to get used to it and for it to clear up as much as I could. Believe me, it was much redder before.

Without Flash (without glasses)

With Flash (without glasses)

Without Flash (with glasses)

With Flash (with glasses)

All in all, I am extremely satisfied with these lenses! I love the color, the comfort level! I don’t really have any complaints about it at all. I mean, at first glance it seems like it could be more purple than anything (especially under dim lights) but it comes out as a natural (as natural as it could be, I guess) blue on me that I’ve always dreamed about – and what’s even better, they’re from a mermaid line! Mermaids are truly my favorite types of mythology. ♥

Enlargement 10/10 – These enlarges my irises just fine! It’s kind of obvious that I’m wearing contacts with these on but I really don’t find that uncomfortable!
Color & Design 10/10 – I was worried that my dark brown eyes wouldn’t bring it out but thankfully that wasn’t the case! The color itself seems like it could be purple under certain lights (but little did the makers of Vassen realize that I actually really like purple so it’s a win-win). The design is clear and extremely pretty! I adore these! It really goes with the theme of “Ocean Blue”!
Comfort 10/10 – These are extremely comfortable! I feel like these are just like any old prescription contacts that I used to wear back in the day! I could definitely get used to wearing these! I just wish my eyes would get used to it and stop blurring themselves out.
Overall 10/10 – These are absolutely perfect! Everything is amazing and I’m so glad I made this purchase! I think I’ll probably invest more into Vassen products in the future!

And now the moment you’re waiting for! Just look below for the other pictures that I decided to take with these on!

Click to see full picture.