Quick Look-Through Index

The purpose of “Quick Look-Through” is to, well, quickly look through an online shop that sells to Gyarus all over the world without actually having to buy anything. I would, of course, want to review those when I do manage to get it but until then…

I’m going to be blunt: I don’t have any money to spend on these Gyaru online shops. As much as I want to, there’s just no way I can do it now or maybe even in the future. Or in the odd time that I do have money, I’m rather picky about what I expect and want from these shops. Great navigation, good colors, awesome products with affordable prices and the likelihood of reaching an international market (let’s be real here – we Gyarus come from all over the world).

I will only look through online stores that at least have an English option.


The reviews I leave are strictly my opinion as well as to be considered constructive criticism. My intention is not to come off as harsh, mean, rude or as an attacker but to inform Shop Owners in the means of bettering their store front.

It is understandable if you have any questions, comments, or inquiries. Please feel free to leave a comment or contact me and I will get back to you.

These are past websites that I have done a Quick Look-Through of. They’re in alphabetical order.

  • MYKAWAIIBOX (7/10)
  • oki tokki (10/10)
  • Rainbowholic Shop (7/10)
  • Sugar Sandcastle (9/10)
  • Trinity Styles (10/10)
  • If you want to request an online store or you want me to look through your store, please shoot me an email!