Quick Look-Through: Trinity Styles

After through so much browsing on Tumblr, I found this one called Trinity Styles. According to their About Us page:

Trinity Styles has been an on-line fashion boutique since 2009. Based in Vancouver, BC, we provide our customers with the latest trends at appealing prices.

Ranging from Korean, Japanese and European styles, you can find unique styles and escape from retail sameness.

At Trinity Styles, you may shop with confidence as all product photos are actual photos. We strive to relieve the worry of receiving products drastically different from the photo.

To see what our customers say about our products, take a look at our reviews.


When I first get on the page, I see a little slide show going on with what they’re offering if you like their Facebook, what’s on sale, what’s on clearance, and what they just received! Above that are the navigation links: Home, New, Tops, Bottoms, Dresses, Accessories, Clearance, Reviews, & Giveaways.

At the top right corner, there’s a few more things. There’s a contact page, the aforementioned About Us, Live Chat, as well as a link to view your cart and a search bar. There’s a link to the facebook page to like them.

The page is covered with new items as well. The ones that grab my attention are these: CH*NEL 1:1 SOFT CARDIGAN and Starry Stud Jeans.

And at the very bottom left, there’s more navigation. There’s a link that takes you back to the top, the About Us page again, Privacy Policies, Search, Shipping FAQs, Returns and Exchanges, as well as a way to sign up for the Newsletter. I applied but after you put in your email, it just takes you back to the main page. Okay then!

On the bottom right, there’s a couple of icons for their Facebook page and their Twitter.

Apparently, all the pricing is in CAD which is short for the Canadian Dollar. After a quick look on my trusty converter, and it’s pretty much the same, more or less, in USD.

Ohh boy. Anyway, because of all the sub-categories, I’m just going to go by with whatever’s on top!

News: When I first look on this page, I noticed that there’s a lot of urban-inspired accessories and outfits, which honestly, gets my attention considering what I want in my style.

I won’t point out any specifics since I’m probably going to see them in the other pages/categories. Although I do want to know there are about 8 pages worth of new items. Interesting…

There’s also a Filter on the top for when you’re looking for a specific brand or accessory. That’s convenient.

Tops: There’s a mixture of cardigans and outerwear in this category, although there are plenty of tops to go around!

The ones that grab my attention are: Print back tied tee, Dazzlin Tiger Pastel Tee, Sailor Tie Cotton Tee, & Soft Modal Print Tee.

Let’s talk about the items’ pages. Since these are the actual photos of the merchandise, it seems that some of the clothes/accessories are on the models or part of an outfit they had posed for the camera. That’s awesome! Even better yet, if there are multiple pictures, there’s a script that allows you to just go to the next one with ease!

Unfortunately, the clothes only come in a certain size. You might be lucky to find something that’s categorized as large, medium, or small and you’ll probably need to know your measurements in centimeters.

However, it does give you an option between one or the other if it comes in different colors. That’s a plus though! Another plus is while the prices are expensive, it does let you know how they handle the shipping for that particular item. Although, I think it depends if you’re in Canada, the United States, or International. I think this is the time to check out the Shipping FAQs!

Now, on the bottom there’s a series of pictures and links where you can browse more in that particular category if you’re looking just for that. If you hover your mouse over that, you can move the mouse wheel (if you have one) up and down, and it’d move left and right.

That’s actually a neat little feature there!

Bottoms: There’s not a lot of bottoms here but let me babble for a little bit.

When I was browsing Sada‘s blog about trends, she mentioned how expensive they were. Thankfully, she still managed to get some. I’ve always wondered where people get their tattoo tights whenever I’d reblog a picture of a girl with some on Tumblr.

And with that, I’m thankful to find out that this place sells them here! As well as a pair of shorts I’d like: Tattoo Stockings, Vertical Striped Tights & Starry Stud Jeans.

Too bad that they only have a size small, other wise, I’d save up for the large!

But back to the tattoo tights. Oh my goodness, there’s a lot of different styles you can choose from! Including, the Tsubasa Style Bunny one. LKJFDklajklsjdfls That’s it. Once I get a job, I’m just buying these. I just… I need them. Period. Nope, you can’t talk me out of it!

Dresses: Hmm. There’s a lot of very modest dresses in this category but it’s not particularly my style.

Of course that’s not to say there’s some things I do like! Such as: Dazzlin Pastel Rainbow Dress, Snidel Floral Embroidery Dress, & especially the Snidel Love Print Dress!

Accessories: Now this one is going to have all kinds of things mixed in here (like earrings, necklaces, phone charms, bags, etc) and there are about 4 pages worth of items to look through unless I picked out a certain category.

Hmmm. I really like the: ASOS Spike Necklace, CH*NEL Heart Dangle Earrings, Floral Chiffon Earphone Plug (Rose Pink), Large Spike Headband, Marc Jacobs Daisy Style Locket Necklace, & YSL inspired spikey zircon necklace.

It seems to me that they have accessories not just for one style but maybe multiple ones. That’s a good idea, to be honest, because that’ll definitely expand your market for sure.

Man, I’m so in love with the accessories that they have and for me, that’s a big thing. I love accessories! Granted, the tops, bottoms, and dresses may not get much attention from me if you have a good accessory section, I’m all over it!

And this place has it. Especially if you include the Accessories Lucky Bag?:

For $9.99 you will receive 2 pieces of accessories at random.

For $14.99 you will receive 3-5 pieces of accessories at random.

Accessories will be styles both currently available in store and old styles from previous seasons.

Augh, just shut up and take my imaginary money!

Clearance: Hmm. Something you’d expect from the bargain bin that I haven’t already mentioned.

Although there is this Lucky Bag as well that I guess I didn’t notice before:

For $20.00 .. you will receive 2-4 pieces of clothing + 2 accessories

Clothing will range from t-shirts, sweaters to leggings and coats.

Accessories may include hello kitty frames and other items that are currently available for purchase in store.

Limited quantities available so order quickly!

As if the Accessories Lucky Bag wasn’t tempting already, they had to throw this at me! Gah! Right in my wallet!

Navigation The navigation is simple enough. Everything has sub categories, if needed, and everything seems to be pretty well-organized as well as a simple filter system (by tagged name, I’m assuming). All the links are clear as day and all over the place (in a not so cluttered way).

Site Mechanics The site is easy to navigate and all the scripts to be working just fine! No complaints here!

Products Not gonna lie, when I read they have European inspired as well as Japanese and Korean clothing, I was ready to critique it. I was ready to be hard on this site but this proved me wrong: they actually have a decent combination with all three and even including name brand items with no-name brand items. Or if they are brand names, I didn’t know. Either way, what stood out most to me are the accessories. To me, the accessories are everything because they help you stand out more and for sure, this store has the accessories I would definetly want for Urban-Chan!
Prices Well, they are expensive. Period. But then I realize that these are name brand items and they’re also imported. This shop is based in Canada so being south of them, these are prices I would find in an everyday boutique shop in the nice mall. I wish they could be cheaper, obviously, but for whatever they have – they seem pretty good for what it’s worth!
Overall 10/10 – The prices are what almost docked it a point but what made me think about is the fact there’s Chanel stuff on there. So, there you go. Everything else is wonderful! There’s a good amount of diversity of style as well as different things in general. Like the cardigans and the outwear. Or the dresses and the romps. Or the tights and the shorts. There seems to be something for everyone which is what most stores need to maintain revenue!
Would I Buy From Them? Yes! I would! In fact, I think once I get my first paycheck (once I get a job), I’ll… uhh… take a quick visit… There’s no way I can resist those tattoo tights for long!
Store http://www.trinitystyles.net/
Facebook http://www.facebook.com/trinitystyles
Twitter http://twitter.com/trinityxblythe

So if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to add some things to my wishlist…


Quick Look-Through: Sugar Sandcastle

Today, we’re going to look at SugarSandcastle, a circle lens online store!

I was doing my usual things on Tumblr when I stumbled about its tumblr, ~sugarsandcastle. I looked at it and realized that it’s a circle lens agent based in the United States! You don’t see that around very often. That doesn’t mean they don’t ship only in the United States – apparently, they also offer a worldwide service!

When I first got on the site, I saw how everything is in front. A poll, the payments they accept, the terms & conditons link and when it was last updated, what customers could receive, important updates, active and closed batches, and so much more. It seems a little cluttered but not so cluttered that it’s hard to tell what is what.

Looking at the top, there are 5 options but if you hover over them, more appear.

There’s the Welcome! page (which is the home page), Pre-Order Batches (where it shows what’s open to pre-order or not), In Stock! No Waiting (circle lens where you can order now without waiting, heh), How to Order/Terms & Conditions (self-explanatory), and More (which has a guideline on how to take care of your contact lenses and info).

Wow. This is quite organized!

Because this is a circle lens agent, I’m going to look at what they have for both pre-order and in stock to make a judgment on how this is run for when any of you guys want to order from them.

From the “Pre-Order Batches!”:

When you hover over, you see Open Now!, but when I click that, I get:

Please click on a sub-tab :]

When I click on Japan Lenses by Vassen, it gives me the same message. Is there a way to make it unable to click on?

But anyway, there are two categories under Japan Lenses by Vassen: Japan Barbie Eye & Japan Baby Color & Pandora.

Japan Barbie: Right away, I see an offer to buy a Lens Case for $0.35. Not bad but these are limited only to the pre-order circle lenses. There’s a possibility you can order the lens separately but my question is: what do they look like? Are they in the shape of the cupcake?

Next to it, there’s a little tip box:

Sugar Sandcastle Tips!

!!Please specify what power you’d like in the paypal notes, otherwise I will be ordering 0.00/0.00 (plano)

If you need to estimate shipping, add some things to your cart. Paypal will automatically calculate shipping once you specify your state/country.

Oh, well, that’s helpful to know! No, it really is. These days, I’m considering getting the plano circle lens just because glasses are still apparently a trend. Maybe it’ll help improve my look but we’re getting off topic.

The rest of the page has the items that are up for pre-order though I gotta say, while I’m glad there’s more than just one pair of circle lens, I think it’d be better to create individual pages. Granted, I can see why they did this: to save time whenever they update the page.

However, I don’t know. What if there’s a product that has more than four groups of different circle lens? Wouldn’t it be easier to just put them in different pages? There’s no individual pages for each lens since the diameter, BC, the water content, and the price as well as the promotional picture of the lens are right there so it’s not like you have to move a lot of things.

But for the lazy shopper, it’s a good move and maybe I’m just being nitpicky.

Let’s see… I don’t want to link anything from here because this is pre-order so I’ll save that for the in stock section.

Japan Baby Color Pandora: Same format as the other one except this one has Baby Color and Pandora in their separate groups.

Everything loads up nice and it looks fine. You can click on the pictures to make it larger if you wanted to inspect it more.

From the “In Stock! No Waiting!”:

Circle Lens: This is surprisingly small but then this shop seems to be quite small anyway. It’s an agent place, after all.

Once again, I see a notice before I go scrolling down to the lenses:

All circle lenses on this page are in stock and ready to ship today!

But there’s usually only one left of each kind so act quickly!

Note: If you see a lens marked at a high price, of course I am not trying to sell them for that price! That means the lens has been sold and I am just using the listing as a placeholder until I can restock. The high price is so no one attempts to buy a lens that is not in stock =]

*Note: On the following 6 lenses, the manufacturer, Vassen, forgot to label a few of the vials. (So they are in plain clear factory-direct vials with the color/power on the cap tops). They are perfectly normal otherwise.

Oh, I was going to question why there was such an arbitrary price tag. As usual, it’s grouped to the company’s name.

The prices are a bit more expensive than the pre-orders. I usually see circle lenses for about $18 to $20 but it goes all the way to $20 to $21. Is it because the brand is more expensive? What’s the reasoning behind this? Although, it is possible that this site makes it money from the pre-orders because, as I keep mentioning, it’s an agent first and foremost.

Anyway, as promised, here’s the lenses I would be interested in for sure: Kimchi Bambi Blue, Kimchi Bambi Pink, Kimchi Mermaid Blue, and Fynale J14 Blue.

I do have to mention that on this page all that’s included, along with the picture are: diameters, water content, power (if applicable), and the price.

Also the diameters for the circle lenses ranges from 14.5mm to 15mm.

Lens Cases: There’s not tip box here but it goes straight to the items.

There’s actually all kinds of lens cases which is great but here’s a suggestion: instead of showing the group for the entire set of cases you have, why don’t you have an individual picture of it so the customer could see it by itself? You can always include the group pictures with it but that way it’ll be easier to find out for the customers and what they would want.

Same thing with the colored lens cases, especially if they have the same design. Make it an option or you can do what I suggested earlier and just make it an individual picture.

Japanese/Korean Accessories: Everything here is just adorable! Everything here is just adorable and something I could use for myself in my own warddrobe.

Like the Wig Hair-tie is especially cute! Everything is nicely priced, even the made to order items.

And speaking of which there’s a whole section of homemade accessories. I really want the Bunny Ring but instead of it as a ring, I’d like it to be a hair clip (though that’s just me nitpicking again).

The Squid Ring is to die for. Oh! And the Fairy kei Moon/Space Ring is cute too and even the 2D Ice Cream Ring… Clearly, this is the owner’s own designs which are really cute and everything. These items are all made to order so you can customize the items anyway you want (within reason of course).

There is a notice on the top that says:

About made to order items: Please allow up to 1 business week for the items to be finished.

Fair enough!

Navigation It’s easy enough to find and go through the website. The site itself is pretty small so I wouldn’t worry about any “hidden” links or features that’s dire. The contact page is both on the front and on the Terms & Conditions. There doesn’t need a separate page for that.

Site Mechanics The site is clean, simple, and extremely easy to navigate. As I’ve said, it’s pretty small but that’s okay. While it is built using the free website, Weebly, I’m not going to dock points for that obviously. The menu works great and, while there are a couple “links” that only says to go on the sub-menu. Not a big deal, really. The cart function is used by PayPal itself so you’re guaranteed it’s going to be secured (problems with PayPal in general aside).

Products As expected from an agent of Japanese circle lens, they certainly have them for pre-order. What surprises me is that there other things on sale besides the lenses themselves. Lens cases, accessories, and even made to order products (with the ability to customize to your desires). Not bad!
Prices To be honest, I’m a little surprised that the prices were pretty expected. The made to order were especially surprising to me!
Overall 9/10 – While the site is easy on the eyes and wallet, there’s just one thing that bothered me that took that one little point away: the items that are sold out. Now, I understand why they put them at the very top (as a placeholder for future items) but could they have put them on the bottom? Honestly, had that notice not been there about why the “prices” were so outrageous – I would have thought that the store did sell those at those prices.
Would I Buy From Them? Possibly, depending if there’s something I wanted to pre-order. The prices to buy at the pre-order rates are amazing and it’s beneficial for me because they’re US-based – they can save me some money on international shipping. However, for anything else, I don’t really foresee it unless they add more accessories (which I’m sure they will).
Store http://sugarsandcastle.weebly.com/index.html
Facebook http://www.facebook.com/SugarSandcastle
Tumblr http://sugarsandcastle.tumblr.com/

Also, at SugarSandcastle, if your order equals to $60 or up, you get shipping for free (domestic only)! There’s also a customer loyalty discount: if you participated in a pre-order with them before, you’ll receive a 10% off your next pre-order.

Annd for every customer you refer to them and they make a purchase, both you and your friend will receive 30% off of one pair of lenses. There’s a special note for this one:

*Note: the 30% can only apply to one lens at a time. For example, you cannot refer 4 people and receive a free pair of lenses :3. Proof of referral is required.

And there’s even a payment plan! You can process your order with a 50% deposit but you have to contact them to sort out the details.

Quick Look-Through: oki tokki (오키토끼)

Today, I’m going to be looking at oki Tokki (오키토끼), owned by Aein. This was suggested to me by someone on Twitter (which you can always suggest other stores to me there) when I asked if anyone knew any stores online that I can look at. Well, here we go!

When I first go on the site, it’s a beautiful layout. Like straight up, I’m just really impressed by how everything is set up. The important links are all there (the home page, about, shop, contact, blog, faq, press, and checkout).

There’s also a little bar right at the top as well where you can change the language translations if you needed. Everything here is so sleek and well color coordinated!

On the bottom of the pages, there are the links again except with the added link to the twitter, Facebook, tumblr, etc as well as a way to subscribe to the newsletter. There’s also a tag cloud in case there’s a specific tag you wanted to look at.

Wow. Like I said, everything is organized and sleek, I’m having trouble believing this is real!

Since we’re here to look at the shop part, let’s do that, shall we?

Now when we first go into the main part of the shop, you can see that everything’s already in the “main” category. But while you’re visiting on the site (except the blog part), I noticed that the categories follow me everywhere.

That’s sort of useful! I imagine though it would be sort of confusing to navigate if you’re trying to look for something else besides the shop but the main focus of this site seems to be shop first and the blog second.

The categories that’s listed are: accessories (which includes buttons, phone charms, pins, totes & bags), apparel (which includes mens and women, t-shirts for both), for the home (which includes art prints), and jewelry (which includes earrings and necklaces).

And then there’s a shop by style which includes: best sellers, on sale!, and retired items. As well as collections: korean inspirational collection, korean motif collection.

According to the FAQs, though, it’s based in Los Angeles, California in the United States so I’m gonna have to hold my breath for the prices and the shipping.

So let’s go to it! I took a sneak peek at the categories to gauge how many there are and there’s not a lot for me to look up on individually so I’m going to look at the category as a whole.

Accessories: For accessories, there’s not a lot but oh my god, these are so cute! I think the owner actually creates these designs because I don’t think I’ve ever seen these before anywhere.

Oh wait. According to the FAQ:

Do you really design & make everything yourself?
Yes, all designs are created by myself, including the design & code for the website! I sketch new designs & characters, screenprint apparel by hand, assemble the jewelry, package the orders, etc. Some things (i.e. acrylic charms) are produced professionally elsewhere from my drawings/designs.

Well, then that blew that out of the water! Out of all the items, these interest me the most: Rabbit on the Moon Phone Charm, Sleepy Bunny Phone Charm, & Of Course, It’s the Carrot! Tote (even though it’s in oran– oh they have it in white? Even better!). Like I said, I sort of wish there were more items here, but like I said, that’s okay.

Apparel: Again, there’s not a lot of things to look through here so… yeah. But there is a Unisex Korean Tee for both men and women. It’s on sale to boot! I really like how they included a size chart in the product information as well with the pictures although it’d probably be best if it was just on the page period (especially since both the men and women’s pages link to the same one).

I also really like how on the bottom there’s this:

What are your payment options?
You can use your credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover) or PayPal balance to securely check out through PayPal. (read more)

And how it links to the FAQ. That’s really useful and actually really considerate!

For the Home: While this is also small in numbers, the prints that are available (Good Night Durumi Print & Stringing Stars Print) do have a lot of detail which includes the myth behind the print as well as the details of both sizes of the print (whichever you shall choose) and the promise of not having the watermark on the physical version.

These are really beautiful and really cute. While I may not want to buy them for myself, I believe that there is someone who will appreciate it and will buy it anyway.

Jewelry: There are only two pages filled with jewelry; I’m still not going to do it one by one.

All I can say is: WOW, WOW, WOW! These are extremely cute and beautiful and each really have a truly unique design. The prices are not bad at all especially for this one: Bbo Bbo (Kiss) Korean Hangul Necklace which only costs $38 and it’s a limited edition.

Argh! Why don’t I have the money for this?! It’s so pretty and the prices are extremely good!

Of course, I have to make that usual list of things that interest me: Rabbit on the Moon Necklace, Sleepy Bunny Necklace, & Star Bunny Necklace (noticing a theme here?).

Ugh, I’m just so impressed by everything here. And I also like that on the blog, there’s a category simply titled Happy Customers! And if you’re worried that she’s not going ship worldwide, don’t worry! She does!

Navigation The navigation is extremely easy and simple to find. Everything is within site when you first go on there. There’s even a small navigational map at the bottom! Perhaps it’s because of the room on top that there’s no room for the privacy link, though?

Site Mechanics The colors are extremely easy on the eyes. Nothing seems to be out of place and all the scripts seem to be working. The design is truly original and it’s cute!
Products The products are 100% original and designed by the web owner. They’re mostly acrylic and die cuts. In fact, she modeled some items after her Scottish Fold, Pudding! How cute! Not only that, she also uses ideas from the Korean culture (after all, Aein is half-Korean) and puts a spin on it with her cute design on it. The only gripe I would have to say is: please have some more new products soon!
Prices The prices are a little high for the accessories but I can at least understand why: the costs it is to actually make the products. While they are a little high, they’re at least at a reasonable level. I don’t think she mentioned how much shipping costs (obviously depending what kind you want) but I’m sure it isn’t that much.
Overall 10/10 – The site is beautiful and easy to navigate. Everything is 100% originally designed and crafted. The prices, yeeahh, are a little high but it’s, again, reasonable. It’s not so high that it’s ridiculous and virtually impossible to ever hope to save up. It’s high enough, especially for an independent artist. The structure and how everything is categorized is actually quite nice. And I also like how everything is already in front of you instead of having to search for it for an extended period.
Would I Buy From Them? Yes! Because I live close to Los Angeles, it might be cheaper for me in the long run. But not only that, again, the designs are extremely cute and the prices are affordable. I would 100% add these (especially all the rabbit merchandise) to my outfits and just overall wardrobe. I think I’ll start saving up just so I can have at least one of the rabbit merchandise before it goes out of stock. Also, I think it helped that the mascot for this store has a cute little rabbit. As you can tell, I’m sort of fan a of rabbits…
Store http://okitokki.com/
Facebook http://www.facebook.com/okitokki
Blog http://okitokki.com/blog/