Finally, A Haul Post!

Before my birthday, I was able to go to a mall in Scottsdale and just splurge before I moved here. I’m only able to do it now because now I’m finally settled enough to take pictures, upload, and post pictures now. I was hanging out with my friends (those I’m hoping I can see again this weekend) when we both found Wet Seal!

It’s a store here in North America that has this cool sale: if you buy anything on clearance, you can get something else on clearance for a penny. Literally, a penny! I’ve taken advantage of this sale once before but that was way before I had this blog. So… let’s see what I got this time!:

Ehehehe…. I was feeling very 80s that day but I couldn’t resist! Usually I don’t have green clothes (like I can count two other green shirts in my wardrobe – one was a gift and another has Keroppi on it) so yeah. Out of all of them, the light green camisole was the only one that wasn’t on sale. :3

And as you can tell, I got a pair of flats! That was lucky, right? Here’s a closer look of them:

Those are so cute! And I actually had some footless tights I had lying around from a previous spree but I figured it’d be a cute addition to the outfit!

The bracelet really adds to the 80s look ehehe. :”D I couldn’t help it! Oh but my friend, Jenna, told me about another store next to Wet Seal – Charmin Charlie! It’s a place where they sell mostly accessories but jewelry mostly. They ahhh, had another sale on their clearance items: buy one necklace get another free!

And with minutes till the mall closed I just had to get this:

Obviously, you can see a trend here. Granted, I have no problem paying full price for something but if I’m going to get an extra gift with my dollar spent with clearance items, then so be it! :3

Anyway, that’s the cute strawberry and this second one here:

Originally, it’s a star key. Unfortunately, in the process of moving, it broke. D: I still have the other part but I have to get some hot glue to fix it. Ahh but it’s still cute even though it’s broke, huh?

Moments after we left the mall, we went back to Tempe to go to Zia Records and I actually managed to find a JPOP album. o_O; I mean, they had Dir en Grey but that’s kind of standard as far as an independent rock store goes but… JPOP? And more importantly, SMAP?

Even though I haven’t talked about Johnny’s much in the past few years or so, I still had to get it. o_o I mean, how could I not?

But anyway, sorry it’s short but ^^; haha, I don’t know what else to put in here. But yeah. That’s all I got anyway. Once I go away for the weekend, I’ll wear those and I’ll take pictures so expect to see it on Monday or Tuesday or when I’m able to. @_@;; Enjoy your Labor Day weekend!


Happy Birthday to Me~!

Well! Today is finally my birthday. It’s not that great because, with my family, it’s extremely complicated. All my friends are either on the Internet or in a completely different town so I’m just sitting here.

However, I do have extra money in pocket and instead of getting something from this wishlist, I got myself something that I didn’t think I wanted till I saw it.

You see, I’ve always had a fascination with mermaids since I was a little girl so I was skeptical about the colors “Ocean Blue”, “Seaweed Green”. So I’ve heard of Vassen with their interesting designs on their circle lens. But when I saw the Vassen Little Mermaid Ocean Blue lenses, I just had to have them. So! I have purchased my first circle lens!

Granted, I did read some reviews (review 01, review 02, review 03) and I was sort of surprised that not a lot of people have them. Is it the price? Probably… But whatever.

I also talked to Hazuki about Vassen because she’s worn their products before! ^^ And I’ve also wore contacts before so contact care won’t be new to me.

I think the only new difference is the fact they’re color and they’re going to possibly enlarge my eyes a bit more. And I also ordered them in plano. Maybe I’ll start a new trend of megane Gyaru! Haha…Well, that’s all I want to say. I better go out to eat before it gets any later!

What To Do? What To Do?

For those of you not in the know, my birthday is coming up in the next few days (just do the math: 2012 – 1987). And with that, no one usually knows what I want except me. I like to keep it a secret.

And it’s such a good secret that instead of guessing, those who are close to me would just give me money and well-wishes on the day of. On the rare occasion I do get money though, I go crazy. Naturally, this time isn’t any different.

More and more lately, I really want to get circle lens. I’m thinking of just saying “fuck it, I’ll just get it plano” as I mentioned in my challenge post. Honestly, at this point, I don’t think I’ll ever go to the eye doctor and get my eye re-checked. And the circle lens only last up to 7 hours anyway.

So which specific circle lens I want? This is only a small list buuut:

  • Geo Angel Blue
  • Geo Angel Violet
  • Geo Ash Wing (Grey)
  • Lacey Blue
  • G&G BT03 Brown
  • G&G Angel Ex Brown

  • Granted, everyone already has the Geo Angel Blue but you know. I want my own pair as well. Hmm. I don’t know. I’m also very tempted to get the Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner but then I also want things from this wishlist.

    Or, you know what? Fuck it. I’ll probably end up buying some idol merchandise/music instead.