Pinky Paradise x Rainbow Chiffon = Affiliation!

As you know, yesterday was my birthday and I had purchased my first pair of circle lenses. But not only that, I’ve also signed up to be an affiliate with Pinky Paradise!

I’ve also had them create a coupon just for this blog! Whenever you check out after you’ve chosen a pair of circle lens, use the code rainbowchiffon to receive a free mystery gift! And not only that, you can stack them!

Let’s say, for example, you’re going to buy three circle lens. If you put in the code, rainbowchiffon, into the code box, you’ll get not one or just two but three free gifts! Wow! That’s really cool!

Honestly, I’m really excited about this! I hope you guys are too! And don’t worry, this code does not have a time limit so even if you miss this post, it’ll always be on the right sidebar. If you have any questions, feel free to email me or comment on this entry!


2 Responses to Pinky Paradise x Rainbow Chiffon = Affiliation!

  1. cupcakesakura says:

    i have never got any lenses from pinky paradise but i love saving money … now i want to thank you hun =^O^= xox.

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