Happy Birthday to Me~!

Well! Today is finally my birthday. It’s not that great because, with my family, it’s extremely complicated. All my friends are either on the Internet or in a completely different town so I’m just sitting here.

However, I do have extra money in pocket and instead of getting something from this wishlist, I got myself something that I didn’t think I wanted till I saw it.

You see, I’ve always had a fascination with mermaids since I was a little girl so I was skeptical about the colors “Ocean Blue”, “Seaweed Green”. So I’ve heard of Vassen with their interesting designs on their circle lens. But when I saw the Vassen Little Mermaid Ocean Blue lenses, I just had to have them. So! I have purchased my first circle lens!

Granted, I did read some reviews (review 01, review 02, review 03) and I was sort of surprised that not a lot of people have them. Is it the price? Probably… But whatever.

I also talked to Hazuki about Vassen because she’s worn their products before! ^^ And I’ve also wore contacts before so contact care won’t be new to me.

I think the only new difference is the fact they’re color and they’re going to possibly enlarge my eyes a bit more. And I also ordered them in plano. Maybe I’ll start a new trend of megane Gyaru! Haha…Well, that’s all I want to say. I better go out to eat before it gets any later!


2 Responses to Happy Birthday to Me~!

  1. sachiko says:

    Happy Birthday! You should be celebrating instead of being online! Hope you can get with your friends during the weekend.

    I’m glad you are going with the mermaid series! You are right though. Not many people have this series. I have the ocean blue lenses. I’ll post the review up tomorrow ^^

    – Sachiko

    • moonrabbit says:

      Thank you! As for the friends thing…Maybe! I was planning on hanging out with them this weekend but they have family drama going on… Maybe next time. :\ Probably my lenses will be in though!

      Yeah! I’m very surprised! The colors are extremely gorgeous and seem to be well worth the price! And yay! I can’t wait to read it! ^^

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