Perfume: What’s Your Flavor?

Harajuku Girls perfume line

Ahh, perfume. It’s not exactly required but it’s a little nice to have something good to smell from after all the effort that we Gyarus put into with our makeup and clothes!

So what’s your favorite? For me, I tend to go towards the sweet scents like the Moonlight Path, Japanese Cherry Blossom (of course), and Sweet Pea. I don’t go for the expensive types of perfumes only because, well, they’re expensive! And plus, I could get a better perfume for cheap!

Although, my favorite store would definitely be Bath & BodyWorks because it smells good and there’s always a sale going on!

I don’t like to put on too much perfume though. How much is too much? A little spray on my wrist and rubbing against the other wrist, one on my neck and maybe somewhere else just for posterity’s sake.

But is it really worth spending more than $20 on perfume? Or are they really just the same? Hmm… I could never really make up my mind about it.

Of course, I would add in an extra spray on me when I go to a job interview (still no luck!) and as you can see below, in this old picture, I may not have looked the best (and lost a job):

If only you can scratch and sniff!

But, damn, I smelled nice! What about you? What perfumes do you use? Do you use the expensive ones or the cheap ones? Is there really a difference?


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