Quick Look-Through: Rainbowholic Shop

Before we start, I want to introduce the idea of “Quick Look-Through”. I’m going to be blunt: I don’t have any money to spend on these Gyaru online shops. As much as I want to, there’s just no way I can do it now or maybe even in the future. Or in the odd time that I do have money, I’m rather picky about what I expect and want from these shops. Great navigation, good colors, awesome products with affordable prices and the likelihood of reaching an international market (let’s be real here – we Gyarus come from all over the world).

The purpose of “Quick Look-Through” is to, well, quickly look through an online shop that sells to Gyarus all over the world without actually having to buy anything. I would, of course, want to review those when I do manage to get it but until then…

Anyway, today, I want to quickly look-through Rainbowholic Shop. Rainbowholic by itself is a blog ran by Kaila (who designed her eccentric and one of a kind blog in a very cool way). She created the shop because she loves rainbows and bows so much that she wants to share it with the world. Located in Japan, Kaila blogs about daily life in Japan as well as Blythe dolls and the fashion world that she’s associated with. Lucky break! In any case, I was pleasantly surprised to see that she has an online shop up because I really like her fashion (especially her Jeremy Scott x Adidas Rainbow Wings shoes)!

When I go on the page, the first thing I see is what I think the specials are? I don’t know because when I click on it, it doesn’t really go anywhere. But about five pictures of items that looks like are sold here. Hm. There are a couple of pictures that do have links to them but we’ll to that in a bit!

At the very top of the site, there’s a blue bar. It has these on the top: My Account (if you hover over this, you’ll see: Change Password, Edit My Address, & View Order), Shop, Store & Shipping Policy, Checkout, and Contact Me.

There’s also a search bar as well as a little icon of a cart letting you know how many items you have in there. Hm. That’s helpful! Also, if you need to search anything, when you hover over it, you can choose between searching within her blog or the shop. Okay. That’s convenient.

Let’s look at the Store & Shipping Policy page: It looks like she can only pay with Paypal but does accept credit card through Paypal and she’ll ship only to the paypal address. So make sure yours is current and correct! In any case, she ships worldwide through EMS. Please note that the weight’s in the metric system and the prices are in yen. Looks like I have to whip out my handy-dandy currency coverter!

I think the rest of the top bar are pretty self-explanatory so let’s just go dive right in to the shop itself!

On the side bar (after you scroll down), you can find the two-three picture links to Kaila’s blog, her Facebook page for her shop and the seal for the Japanese post office.

And then we get to the Product Categories. Huh. I was expecting that to be on top but okay!

The categories that’s listed are: Bags, High-Cut Platform Sneakers, Japanese Street Style Shoes, Kawaii Rain Boots, Low-Cut Platform Sneakers, Other Brands, Platform Sneakers, Rainbowholic by Kaila, Socks & Hosiery, Styled Sets, and Used Once.

Wow, that’s an inventory! I honestly can’t wait to tackle each one by one!

But wait! There’s a widget where you can filter by price from ¥0 to ¥6600 (~$84.40)! And even more so, underneath that, there are items that are currently on sale as well as the Annnd that’s it. … Okay?

Let’s go ahead and look at the categories.

Bags: … There is only one bag here. Maybe Kaila is planning to have more? I can understand though because making or acquiring bags can be a hassle especially in a place like Japan and an independent seller at that. It’s not bad though: Wanderlust Suitcase Messenger Bag. It’s a nice bag! It looks like it’s made of leather and there’s even a little slideshow where you can zoom in and inspect it further. And there’s only one in stock (brand new)! However, it costs ¥5,000 (~$63.95).

High-Cut Platforms: There’s a bit more variety here than the bags page so that’s good. These are styled like Converse brand shoes but, well, they’re platforms and high-tops. They have a button under the prices (“Select Options”) where you can choose your size (US sizes surprisingly): 6, 7, & 8. Oh, sadly though, they don’t have 9s. I usually wear a 8 1/2 US shoe size and you usually wear sneakers a size higher (so I’d have to get a 9 1/2). The ones that I’d want, Metallic Gold High-cut Platform Sneaks & Metallic Silver High-cut Platform Sneaks both priced at ¥5,200 (~$66.48), I wouldn’t be able to get it because of the size. Boo. Oh well. At least the site also gives us a link with this international shoe conversion chart. There’s the ♥ High-cut Platform Sneaks ♥ for ¥5,500 (~$70.34) but the most expensive are the ♥Sky High Marshmallow Platform Sneaks♥ which costs ¥6,600 (~$84.41). The heel inches for the platforms themselves are varied from 1.96 inches to 2.6 inches. That’s not bad! I’ve always loved platform shoes so the higher, the better!

Japanese Street Style Shoes: Once again, this page only has one thing on it: Japanese Street Style Military Combat Boots for ¥4,890 (~$62.49). You have a choice of pink, yellow, green, and red. Instead of the usual 6, 7, and 8 sizes they have 6, 6 1/2, 7, 7 1/2, & 8. Not 8 1/2 or even a daring 9? Man… I don’t think though. I’m kind of on the fence with military combat boots being used as a fashion accessory. My mother was in the US army so to me, boots like these will always be associated with that. Hmm. But these aren’t even my size so I’m not going to worry about it much! But yeah, like I said, there’s only those shoes probably because of how much supplies are and other issues. The heel inch for these shoes though are 1 inch.

Kawaii Rain Boots: Yet another page with only one item on it! That makes it three categories so far… I suppose I can understand since I did kind of spied in the news part of the site that this shop had just relaunched in July. Okay, I can understand that! Anyway, the boots that are being sold are: ♥ Super Kawaii Miss Dainty Shiny Rain Boots ♥ for ¥3,600 (~$45.99). They only have beige (although it looks more silvery in the photos) and pink. As usual, they have the sizes 6, 7, & 8. If only my feet were a whole size smaller!

Low-Cut Platform Sneakers: Once again… only one item on this page. Granted, this is making this Quick Look-Through a little easier to pick out notable things that catches my eye so I’m going to try to be fair in the final scoring. Anyway! ♥ Low-cut Platform Sneaks ♥ which costs only ¥5,200 (~$66.43). They come in these sizes: 5.5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, & 8 and come in these colors: yellow, red, pink, mint, white, & black! The heel inch is 1.57″! Once again, not bad! I probably wouldn’t want to get these myself since I tend to gravitate towards the high cut anyway!

Other Brands: I think this is the fifth page with only one item on it! But it’s not really an item, per se, it looks like a collection of bows that you can choose based on the style you want: Tiara by Tracy Dizon ♥ Fluffy Bows ♥ for ¥2,200 (~$28.09). In the Style option, I’m not sure what these numbers mean. Does it mean how many you get? If you choose any thing after 1, are they random or can you pick out which ones you can get? It’s not very clear but there are a couple of pictures that shows Kaila how she uses it with her outfits! Cute! And there are descriptions to what they’re called (these particular bows are considered part of the Candy Collection). The purple is called Prune Juice (I think), pink is Cotton Candy, white with pink polka dots is called Bubble Gum Pop, black is Licorice, and green is Dark Mint. Hmm. Interesting! I could see myself owning one of these (oh this would be incredibly awesome with Urban-Chan) but I do wish I knew how this is sent.

Platform Sneakers: This is a page that has both high and low cuts of the platform sneakers. I’ve pretty much gone through these already so let’s move on to the next category!

Rainbowholic by Kaila: Now this seems to be Kaila’s DIY (do-it-yourself) page where whatever accessory she makes – she puts it here for sale. There are sub-categories (Ribbonholic, Sweet Bracelets, Fancy Necklaces, Dings and Rings, Brooches and Pins, & Lovely Hair Ties) and I’d certainly look through them if they didn’t have the items on the main category page. So I won’t. Here’s a suggestion: if you’re going to create sub-categories, make it so where the items from those doesn’t seem on the main page. It makes the page unintentionally cluttered. There’s quite a bit of different items in here though that does get my attention such as the Giant Unicorn Galaxy Fantasy Bow Hair Tie and the Black Rainbow Carnival 2-Way Keychain Necklace (although I’ll probably use it as a keychain instead).

Ribbonholic: Oh … it’s the same as the Other Brands category except it only has the keychain necklace (linked before) and the Candyholic Gumball Bow Tie

Socks & Hosiery: Now these socks are very cute! But the only one that gets my attention are the Cream Lolita Lace Socks.

Styled Sets: Huh, she also sells clothes! Interesting! The ones that get my interest are: Rainbow Minnie Long Summer Dress Set and the Galactic Black Top & Leopard Print Ruffled Skirt (even though I like to think that I’m not really into the leopard print but with that blouse…). Sadly, it looks like they’re not only have one in stock each but it might be rather small for me… Oh sad. And on top of that, they’re both ¥4,800 (~$61.31). Way out of my price range…

Used Once: There are only two items yet one of them is sold out. The other item is a My Little Pony Lolita Skirt which was apparently Kaila’s sewing project. In her own words:

This is one of my special sewing projects for my unicorn dreams. Haha!

It needs to be passed on to another unicorn owner so I am selling it now. ^^

She also says she’ll include a special set of handmade freebies if purchased. Not a bad deal but then you’re also paying ¥3,890 (~$49.70) for it so make that of you will.

There is also a giveaway taking place at this site too (just posted a couple of days ago as of this post)! According to this post, Kaila is giving away two pairs of platform sneakers for free in celebration of the relaunch of the shop in July. I’d sign up myself if they had my size. Alas! Remember, the sizes that are available are (in US size): S (5.5/6), M (6.5/7), and L (7.5/8).

Navigation Pretty easy to navigate over all although I’d wish the logo for the blog, Japanese postal service, and Facebook page for the store are under the categories, sales, & filter. I understand those are important but they willbe seen. Just… give your products a chance before the customer decides they want to fan your page and check out your blog. But points for keeping the Store & Shipping in the top bar where people can immediately see and read it.
Site Mechanics I love the simple colors and it keeps with the theme of being, well, addicted to rainbows. Rainbows everywhere! Although I would have to say to better group your items together. I thought there were going to have a lot of things to look at it when in fact, it’s just not that organized. It’s a little annoying but with a few tweaks, it should be easier to look at and even navigate.
Products The items are extremely cute but what really took my attention were the platform shoes! Those are really neat! I sort of wish there were more items to browse around more for but I can understand if one is busy and doesn’t have time to find items to sell.
Prices Because of the recession in both Japan and the United States, I’m going to have to say these are much more expensive than that I thought they were going to be. Especially with the shipping prices? I don’t think so.
Overall 7/10 – I’m giving it this rank because it just relaunched so I’m trying to be fair here. The things that I have a problem mostly with the navigation as well as the organization of the categories. The prices… not so much because again the price rates between Japan and the United States. I get that those are expensive and I get that shipping rates are high but no.
Would I Buy From Them? Possibly not. If only because there seems to be only one of stock for everything except for the bows and the shoes (which won’t even fit me anyway). Again, the price really irks me a lot but I sort of expect that from a Japanese based shop. It doesn’t mean that I’m going to spend almost $30 for a bow though. Perhaps if I had a really good job, I could probably work my way around it. Also, the lack of variety doesn’t help anyway. Maybe if there’s more variety, I’ll probably consider it.
Store http://shop.rainbowholic.me/
Facebook http://www.facebook.com/rainbowholic.shop
Blog http://www.the.rainbowholic.me/

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