Strapya Weekly: Hall of Fame & New Items

Now that summer has officially settled over the land, there are a multitude of things to buy! Especially since it’s weekly that Strapya World always has something new! In this week’s post, I’m going to talk about a quaint summer special as well as a contest that everyone should try! On top of it, I’m going to talk about a couple of other gadgets and other products that grabbed my attention.

In case the above image isn’t clear, it seems to be a sale all the way through summer that you’ll get free shipping. Only orders over 10,000 JPY though. But if you do manage to get that much on your order (of course it’s not even that hard when you’re someone like me who pretty much wants everything), use the code: SUMMERSHIPPING!

If you are strapped for cash (pun certainly not intended), you can still “like” their Facebook page (as I’ve mentioned last week) although I’m not sure how many times you can get free shipping. I can only guess that you can only do it once so I’m not sure what else to suggest…

Although I can suggest some merchandise to get to 10,000 JYP!

This is called a Ningen Gakki. According to FKO, ningen means human and gakki means a musical instrument in Japanese. From what I can tell, it’s a musical toy that has 10 popular songs from around the world and you, as well as three other people, can touch each other’s hands to create the music note. Here is a demonstration of the device in a video provided by FKO and Sweaty, two of the Strapya World’s stars:

You can also subscribe to the Strapya World’s YouTube channel to check out other demonstrations about the latest gadgets as well as their weekly show aptly called “FKO and Sweaty’s Ridiculously Awesome Show”!

I think that’s actually pretty cool! It seems like a more advanced Simon Says except instead of touching the device itself – you’re touching other people’s hands!

Personally, I probably wouldn’t get this myself because 1) I’m not good at those types of games anyway 2) I don’t have 3 other people to play with 3) ahh, I feel that I’d get bored with it quick! But of course, don’t let my opinion deter you otherwise! For now, the Ningen Gakki-3 is on pre-order so I’d suggest you should go after if it you want!

Who says that rock fans couldn’t find anything on Strapya World? Okay, so they’re for the iPhone 4S/4 and they are the kind that bend. However, I would think that even Japanese people would enjoy bands like these! Right now they’re only offering the following for soft covers as far as I could tell: KISS (with members), Sex Pistols (Tour), KISS (logo), The Who (white), Sex Pistols (God Save The Queen), & The Who (black).

On a pure design point of view, I’d definitely would like to get this one although I hope they’ll release them in, not just soft cover, but more designs as well.

I know I have some readers out there who are interested in rock and cute things (it’s good to have a balance) so I’ll be kind and try to keep more of an eye out for you on Strapya!

Oh so now we’re back to the One Piece x Hello Kitty collaboration! But that’s okay. I really don’t mind! If it means more phone charms…

Anyway, this time they’ve released a birthday charm – Hello Kitty’s hat changes according to the month (like red for January, orange for November, etc) and it has a little heart with the month engraved with that color. So I have to take a quick look at my month, August. It’s a usual dilemma for me. Since my birth month is August, I have the birth stone of peridot. I’ve never really been a fan of green but sometimes I come across different peridots that do have nice shades. But that’s kind of hard to find at times.

Taking a quick look of the August Hello Kitty charm, I… don’t think I really like the shade. It’s possible that it’s the lighting and the quality of the photo but I don’t know. It’s hard to say without making a buy.

But there’s also a Chopper version! Let’s see how it looks for August (although I’m more partial to Hello Kitty herself): Sanrio Hello Kitty x One Piece Birth Month Cell Phone Charm (Chopper/August)

The quality of the image is a bit better but again, it could be because of the lighting itself. I won’t really know unless I somehow save enough money to buy it. One day, though, one day I will do a proper review of a Strapya product!

And last but not certainly not least, Strapya World introduces it’s annual Hall of Fame! Last year’s winners included: Tomomari Higuchi, Hello Kitty, Rilakkumma (iPhone 4S Case with Ears), & Yuji Omata! From what I can tell, if you answer all 10 questions right, you’ll get inducted into the Hall of Fame for this year! Here’s the rules:

  • You must answer all of the questions correctly in orer for you to have the chance to be inducted to the Strapya World Hall of Fame.
  • Only 10 people will be inducted to the Class of 2012.
  • The Strapya World staff WILL NOT help you with any of the questions of the test.
  • You cannot submit your answers more than once. Even if you use multiple email addresses, we will catch you.

Good luck!

Here are the perks if you do get inducted in the Hall of Fame:

Becoming a Strapya World Hall of Famer allows you to…

  • Call yourself a Hall of Famer for the rest of your life
  • Forever be on the Strapya World Hall (Page) of Fame
  • Recieve 40% discount coupon code (details to be sent when you get inducted)
  • Brag to your friends
  • Get your name announced on the future episode of the “FKO and Sweaty’s Ridiculously Awesome Show that Needs to be Seen by the Millions…and Millions!”

I don’t know who’d want to turn that down! In fact, here’s what you should do to get inducted in:

  • Take the Strapya World Test (Test listed below)
  • Email us the answers to Title: HOF 2012 Application
  • Due date: 7/10/2012 [July 10, 2012] (JST; Japanese Standard Time)
  • You get one chance to answer all questions right (no re-dos)
  • Wait for Strapya World to choose 10 Hall of Famers
  • 2012 Strapya Hall of Fame Ceremony is on July 13th!

And finally, here are the questions for the contest:

  • When was the Strapya World Facebook Fan Page created? (MM/DD/YYYY)
  • *Multiple Choice* What does “Strapya” mean in Japanese?
      a) Strap Store
      b) World of Straps
      c) Strap Lovers
      d) None of the above
  • What is the name of the restaurant FKO and Sweaty goes to every Monday?
  • What is the name of Juju Chan’s sister?
  • When did Keiko join Strapya World? (Month and Year)
  • When was the Episode One of “FKO and Sweaty’s Ridiculously Awesome Show that Needs to be seen by Millions…and Millions!” published? (MM/DD/YYYY)
  • When is Marimo’s birthday? (Month and Date)
  • *Multiple Choice* In an attempt to increase 1,000 more fans on the Strapya World Facebook Fan Page back in September 2011, Sweaty could not do something until his mission was completed. What could he not do?
      a) Take a shower
      b) Shave his face
      c) Go home
      d) Change his clothes
      e) All of the above
  • What is FKO’s favorite NBA team?

Remember to send it in an email to with the subject titled: HOF 2012 Application! Good luck!

How do you feel about the Ningen Gakki? Do you think you could see yourself playing with it? Thoughts about the demostration video? Classic rock merchandise on a predominately cute site: good idea or bad idea? How do you feel about your Hello Kitty birth month charm? Would you prefer Hello Kitty or Chopper? Would you enter the Hall of Fame contest? Please leave a comment and have a great weekend!


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