Strapya Weekly: Summer Dreams Mailed to Your Door

When I looked at my email earlier, I realized that finally – Strapya’s going to have a sale that lasts more than a couple of days! On top of that, I’m going to be talking about, once again, the new products that they’ve put out as well. Also, I have changed the layout! Hopefully it looks better and that I can start looking more professional with Rainbow Chiffon!

Let’s get right to it!

The first sale I’m going to talk about is the First Day of Summer Sale 2012! You’re going to get 20% off your order if you use the code: Geshi. The minimum order is, of course, 4,000 yen. The sale will go from June 21st to June 24th. The sales are on Japanese Standard Time (you can click here to help figure out a possible plan of action). I’m actually sort of excited about this one because they have some interesting things that they released this time.

I’ve posted about this before on here that I wear glasses and how much I’ve hated them. I’m almost to my mid-20s and I’ve been wearing glasses since I was in the third grade. You guys know how much I hate it and I don’t intend to keep it a secret anyway. However, there are times where it’s extremely rare where I’m actually glad.

This is one of those times.

Naturally, Rilakkuma as well as Korilakkuma both released something called a glasses stand. A glasses stand. A stand that keep your glasses from getting lost. If I had to go to the bathroom at 5am or if I’m going to an important meeting and I just cannot find the darn thing., I wouldn’t have to worry because my glasses would be facing me on top of Rilakkumma or Korilakkuma’s faces.

Oh my goodness. Why isn’t this with me already? Here’s what they look like on their respective and pages: San-X Rilakkuma Glasses Stand (Rilakkuma) & San-X Rilakkuma Glasses Stand (Korilakkuma). From what I can tell, the Korilakkuma stand is out now and the Rilakkuma’s version is coming out in a week (as of this post). Ugh. I really would love to own these (one for my eyeglasses and another just to say I have them – what can I say? I’m a collector) one day. They would definitely make wearing glasses more convenient and cuter.

And then there are these Brain Wave Controlled Necomimi Headband. You know, there are times in an individual’s life where they want something possibly stupid that can cause people to call you names because you have that. There’s a different name though that I would rather don on myself. And that is “shamelessly proud”. I would definitely wear these but more likely at home at anime conventions (let’s face it, I’m not that brave). On the page, there’s a little video about how the ears work (I don’t think I can find a way to embed it). But if you do decide to throw down $164 for these things, please take note that they take AAA Battery x4 but it is not included.

On the bright side, if I do manage to somehow get the money for it, Strapya are also offering free shipping if you “like” their Facebook page! Although, I’m sure when you order, you must give them the name you have on Facebook so they know who you are so they can make sure you don’t get accidentally charge!

What do you think of these sales? Better than the short ones they’ve had lately or have you had enough of them? Also – those ears! Would you purchase them for yourself or would you think it’s a little close to uncanny valley? Please feel free to leave your thoughts!


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