Quick Look-Through: MYKAWAIIBOX

Once again, I apologize for the lack of posts! Things have been really tough (and they’re getting tougher) over on my end but I’m going to try harder than ever to post something new on this blog!

Anyway, I was browsing through Tumblr when I saw someone with the username, ~mykawaiibox. Curious, I clicked on the Tumblr and I realized that it’s a small little online shop! Oh cute! This is what was said on the description:

The gyaru(gal) Lolita,Gothic,Deco den, Kawaii, Harajuku. Himegyaru, r some of my inspirations.

Ohh! Okay! The most part, the website seems like it’s easy to navigate. Right now there seems to be only five (5) categories (Gyaru Clothing, Sugoi Accesories, Kawaii Jewelry, Japanese 3D Nails Art (ooh!) & Deco Den Phone Cases).

But right underneath that is an Item Ranking group. It seems that this is where the top two items are featured. The No. 1 slot is taken by the Pom Pom Bracelets (it’s a random pick between the colors pink, blue & pink, green + white + hot pink) and the No. 2 slot is taken by Usamimi Headband (Buy One, Get One Free!) (blue and pink & there’s only seven left). Interesting! There’s also the Terms & Conditions, Owner’s Diary (which leads to the Facebook page), Links Page (which has nothing for now), and the BBS (where, I assume, people can leave reviews of past transactions although it’s spam and someone named rachieiskawaii who also links to a broken link on Tumblr).

Underneath that, there’s a subscription to the e-mail newsletter, the shopping cart, and a sign-in (you can register?). But at the very top there’s a Shopping Guide, Inquiry, and an Item Search (which is used by google). Also from what I can tell, they ship from the United States – which certainly gets my attention.

Now let’s go in the categories to see what piques my interest!

Gyaru Clothing: The styles seems to be all over the place (although I want to say Fairy Kei but some arguably could be mori girl) but it’s pretty easy to navigate. At least on the page itself, it notes the waist, hips, or anything else that’s relevant. It would be nice if there were more pictures of the clothing to get a good look at it. I really like this Lovely White Lace High-Low Blue Skirt as well as the White Gyaru Overall! Of course they both seem to be low in stock – must be hot sellers!

Sugoi Accessories: This page has a lot of stuff on it. Again, it seems to be for those interested in Fairy Kei but maybe for Hime Gyaru as well. Interesting… They’re selling fox tails (most likely and hopefully faux) as well as sunglasses which are deco’d. They also have this adorable brush holder: Strawberry Sundae Glass Brush Holder. Clearly, they are glass glasses that’s shaped like a sundae (strawberry or chocolate) that can hold up to five (5) brushes each. Honestly, there’s not really a lot of things I’m interested in besides the PINK Furry Fur Ball Pompom Mobile Phone Charm and the Usamimi Headband.

Kawaii Jewelry: Most online shops that I’ve stumbled that’s Gyaru related always have the pastry jewelry. It’s hard to find Gyaru shops that doesn’t have them or maybe it’s just because I’m not looking at the right places. Either way, I’m just not surprised that even this site has them for sale. However, there are some diamonds in the rough: Romantic Rose Ring (I just really love how it looks), Culture Bracelet (I actually have a similar one like it that I should post one day), and “Let Them Eat Cake!” Earrings (okay, so they’re pastry jewelry but at least they’re somewhat more unique).

Japanese 3D Nails Art: Now, don’t get me wrong. I understand that deco takes time and a lot of energy. But… I really hope the quality of the nails are extremely good. There’s a lot of them and some are cheaper than others. However – how long do these last? How long will they last? I realize these are only temporary and they last as long as long as you take care of them. But are they really worth it? I could list all the ones I’m interested in but then we’ll be here all day. Let’s put it this way: the majority of the nail art are really cute and I can totally see myself wearing these on a night out the town with my boyfriend or my fellow Gyaru girl friends.

And finally:

Deco Den Phone Cases: I’ve always been curious if there were deco cases for the iPhone (be it an old release or the new iPhone 4) but this apparently answers my question. However, like with the nail art, they are quite expensive. For example, this Chocolate Swarovski iPhone 4/4s Case is actually $45. $45! As I mentioned already in the Nail Art category, I can almost understand why it’s so expensive: the time, energy, supplies, even the shipping rates (and all the prices does include the taxes). Of course, they do offer more deco designs for the Samsung Galaxy I9100 S2 (just one though). Personally, the cases seem a little too cluttered. I guess I’ve always been a woman of simplicity.

Navigation Pretty easy to navigate. Everything’s clear-cut. But it would be better if things weren’t just cluttered on one side bar. Maybe two sidebars would be good for this?
Site Mechanics The colors are pastel and very gentle on the eyes. The colors blend in very well. It’s a little too simply designed but it seems to have just started out so I won’t judge too harshly on it.
Products The products are nice! Although I wish there more accessories and jewelry other than your typical pastry jewelry. Cute nail art designs and cute Gyaru inspired clothing. The deco art seems a little cluttered but that’s probably due to my taste.
Prices Some items are nicely priced but there are others I feel that may have been overpriced a tad.
Overall 7/10 – for a new store, it’s simple and they don’t seem to have that much to offer yet. However, I just have a major price gripe.
Would I Buy From Them? The accessories and nail art are really cute – but I probably wouldn’t go there unless I really have some money burning in my pocket. I could see myself purchasing some clothes in the future, maybe.
Store http://mykawaiibox.ocnk.biz/
Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/MykawaiiBox/160371310671212
Tumblr http://mykawaiibox.tumblr.com/

This has been a Quick Look-Through of MYKAWAIIBOX! After reading this, would you consider purchasing from this online store? Why or why not? Please leave a comment telling me what you think!


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