Pinky Paradise Turns Six Years Old!

Back when this blog first started, I have wrongfully accused this store of bad customer service, among other things. Thankfully, I’ve mended my ways and started to do double the research in order to make sure I got the facts right. Anyway, my friend Vivian had tweeted me about this sale that they’re having!

Anyway, it seems that Pinky Paradise is turning six years old! Because of it, they’re planning on having a 50% off sale for their Princess Mimi line. Okay, the sale is only on selected colors (Princess Mimi Apple Green, Princess Mimi Sesame Gray, Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown & Princess Mimi Almond Brown to be exact) but any sale is a good sale, right?

But wait! There’s more! Pinky Paradise are also having a 30% off sale for their following lines as well: Vassen Dolly (Dolly Plus Blue, Dolly Plus Grey, Dolly Plus Green, Dolly Plus Brown & Dolly Plus Violet), EOS Candy Series (Candy Violet & Candy Green), Shinny Series (Shinny Pink & Shinny Violet),  and the Wondereye Series (Wonder Eye Pink & Wonder Eye Green)!

And just when you think it isn’t enough, they’re including a 20% off sale for the following items as well: Princess Pinky Honey Pink, Dolce Brown, Dolce Hazel, Dolce Black, Dolce Grey, Dolly Black, and Dolly Brown!

Wow. That’s a lot. Honestly, I really wouldn’t know what to recommend since I don’t even have my first pair of circle/colored lens (yet). The sale is going to last from May 21st to May 27th so I would highly suggest to purchase these circle lens while you still can!

Personally, I am aiming to get the GEO Angel Blue and GEO Angel Violet. Yes, I realize everyone who even thought about the lens has reviewed at least the blue ones once already but I feel they’d be really nice on me. And especially so since I’m a beginner in the world of circle lens.

“Well, what’s stopping you from getting them?” You may ask.

My answer is that I wear glasses. Most people these days will tell you that glasses are a must and nerds are in but I’ve been wearing glasses since I was in 3rd grade. And I’ll be the first to tell you there’s nothing cool about glasses! I need to save up to go the eye doctor to get my eyes checked (I’m due for an eye exam anyway) and get the powers for my eyes because of my astigmatism.

Simply put, I’m so tired of glasses! I want to wear contacts and, like I mentioned above, those two lenses would probably be perfect for a Gyaru beginner like me.

So what do you think of the sale? Exciting? Not so great? How great are those lenses anyway?


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