Grail Grab: Sailor Moon S Necklace

Every gal has her holy grail item. It’s the item that we want and would wear regardless of what others think of her when she wears or uses it. Obviously this might be a rare type of post because the things I want are pretty expensive and hard to find (especially since I’m so picky).

This post, I’ve attained a necklace that looks like the anime magical girl, Sailor Moon’s brooch in the Sailor Moon S series. It’s made by the lovely and talented Amanda Manarin of Kumacrafts. And my very good friend, Angie, had bought it for me. I’m honestly stupidly happy that I got this because there were times in my life where I’ve felt extremely powerless. When I was growing up, I watched Sailor Moon in the mornings when I was about 7 and again when it was on Toonami during my Junior High School days.

Needless to say, I’ve always admired Sailor Moon and I’ve always tried to keep her teachings (even if it is just another magical girl series about love, beauty, and freedom or just a regular run of the mill anime) with me even as I grew older into high school and even now. I feel with this necklace that I could be brave like Sailor Moon. And that true love and justice will always prevail in this cruel, dark world.

So when I saw this necklace online, I had to have it. There was just no other way around it. Like I said, I’ve always felt so powerless but now with this necklace, I can defeat the demons even though no one could see them. I could overcome anything as long as I know I’m wearing this necklace. I’m sure you probably think I’m silly and stupid for thinking such a way (especially since a quarter of my life has gone already) but… it helps me. There’s a lot I still need help with and I know there are many other obstacles to come. However, I truly feel this necklace will help me get through them with ease.

Er, um, anyway. To give Miss Amanda a proper review, the necklace was on pre-order so I was surprised when Angie told me to watch out for the mail. It took a few weeks but it finally came! It was packaged safely with a couple of cards – one that gave me a 15% coupon for the next item I would possibly order (and I probably will) as well as bubble wrap. It was also in its own little package as well which, I thought was a cute little thing too!

I pretty much made my friend Claudia take pictures of me opening it and everything  and, well, it’s below. I’ve mentioned before in one of my articles that I’m not at my ideal weight now so please don’t mind me being kind of fat and in pajamas. Okay, they’re on tumblr: post one & post two.

Anyway, I am definitely going to be wearing this every day.

You can browse Amanda’s, or Mandi’s, store or contact her through these following sites:

Twitter: @kumacrafts
Official Website:


6 Responses to Grail Grab: Sailor Moon S Necklace

  1. flavia (tegoshism) says:

    oh my god it’s beautiful ;______; I cannot. and (if I remember well) it’s from Sailor Moon S, which was the arch I had taped in VHS. sobbing endlessly. too bad the chainlet looks like it’d be too short for my thick manly neck ;-; noesss

    and! I just went to the site and o m g there goes my money. bye money.

    great post as always ♥ also, your pajamas are lovely

    • moonrabbit says:

      do you have a picture of that? 😮 i’d like to see~!

      jkdskaldjkl i know. her stuff is so cute! and like in the back, she puts her logo there 😮

      and ahaha, thanks. ;;

  2. Paulichu says:

    Great review and photos! You should probably remove the one with the coupon code though. It’s not a code that’s specific to you only.

  3. It’s gorgeous, omg! So well crafted, and the chain looks perfect. And a;fjsgf she sells the cutest red panda necklace, ahhh, why am I poor. ; ;

    Good review, I will definitely be marking this site for future reference (aka when I have some money lol).

    • moonrabbit says:

      It really is well-crafted! It doesn’t feel delicate like most crafted made necklaces but of course I don’t want to be too rough with it either. ;; And you’ll get it! ;o; ❤

      And thanks! I'll probably go back there when I can, myself!

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