Strapya Weekly: Bear Pans & Cute New Screencleaners!

This week on Strapya Weekly, I wanted to write about a sale that was going on due to the fact that it’s been a year since Sweaty (I don’t know either – apparently that’s his name) joined the Strapya World crew. But the last day was literally on the 16th (only a two-day sale?). However, I did get other emails regarding the site anyway so it’s not like I didn’t have anything to add this week.

This week, they added a couple of cooking pans to their site. It was kind of surprising considering Strapya’s a cellphone charm and phone accessory site but I’m not complaining! Only because it’s my favorite bear character, Rilakkuma! I talked about him once before way back when this blog first started when they released a jeweled version for him as a cell phone charm. But now they’re selling him as a pan!  Honestly, I’m trying to save up for a new apartment and I would probably get this since it’ll be my place officially. Augh. I would love to have Rilakkuma or Korilakkuma for anytime during the day! I shall place the order though once I get my place and I get settled. Hopefully, they wont be sold out!

I was browsing around when I saw this. This is so cute! Honestly, I’m sure what they are (other than phone charms of course), but I do know that I want: Juju Chan Plush Doll Cell Phone Cleaner Strap, Budo-Chan Plush Doll Cleaner Phone Strap (Purple), and Baby Chu Kun Plush Doll Cell Phone Cleaner Strap.

Which ones would you get? What do you think about that Rilakkuma cooking pan? And what’s the deal with two-days sales?


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