Introducing Blackheart Beauty from Hot Topic?

This morning, I received an email from Hot Topic (yes, yes, I know – but honestly, it’s only because they sell Sailor Moon and other pop culture merchandise now and I’d like to get the best sales) stating that they’re going to create a new line of beauty products called “Blackheart Beauty”. This, I think, would be their second line of beauty and makeup.

The first would possibly be the Warpaint Beauty brand (which seems to be on clearance right now). Although taking a glance on places like Tumblr, it seems that because of the fact it’s on clearance it seems that it finally took off. Too little too late? Maybe. Actually, I may put up a review soon about the nail polish one of these days just so there’s a little bit more to say about that brand. But with the new brand that’s out, it looks like the nail polish comes in little skulls which, I personally think, is cute.

Right now, they’re starting off at $5 each for the nail polish which is, eh, okay. The colors I’m most interested in are: Blue Me, Foiled Again (even though it’s just really just a top coating), and maybe the Toxicity. I’m not that thrilled with the line and the other colors they offer for their liners, lipsticks, glosses, etc. It doesn’t stand out that much to me and it looks like any other line. But then, these days most shoppers are teenagers. And no, that wasn’t shade being thrown – I’m making a general statement.

I don’t know. I was more impressed with the Warpaint line than this one because their hues (especially the purple ones) are really pretty. I may go to my local Hot Topic to pick up some nail polish later before they are gone for good.

Oh yeah, there’s a video that goes along with this line. It’s just a small tutorial on how to create the smokey eye look using the Blackheart Beauty line.



So what do you think? Do you see yourself purchasing anything from this line? Does anything spark your interest or is this just another possibly fatal attempt to create a new makeup line to regain profits Warpaint never gained?


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