Strapya Weekly: Sickly Duties & The Survivor Series

So I know I haven’t been updating lately but it’s because I’ve been sick and I do not have access to a computer until this week. But I needed to update at least Strapya Weekly even if I am a couple days late. Hopefully, I can work something out to where I can get access to a computer very soon.

As for my health, I’m getting a bit better – I just got to get rid of a cough. In which case, let’s start the post for this week’s Strapya Weekly!

On Friday, I wasn’t sure if I was going to get an email from Strapya this week since it seems that Golden Week is over and things are back to normal. Nope, I was wrong. Apparently, it’s time for the annual Survivor Series.

According to the website, here’s what it says:

Who is going to survive this year? In 2011, Hello Kitty was crowned the champion of Strapya World after surviving 7 of the most popular characters in the world.

In 2012, the stakes are higher as the the champion and the top 2 contenders from last year’s survivor series would face off against the people’s choice. That’s right. You, the fans, will choose the remaining 5 competitors in this year’s survivor series. Ensuring that each competitor’s road to glory will be paved with grit, sweat, and tears.

The last character standing has to earn the right to be called…A survivor.

Right now, all they have is a coming soon sign and silhouettes of the characters that may or may not be in the competition. Honestly, I’m not sure how the competitions works but we’ll see whenever it starts up then.

But yeah, that’s what’s going on this week with Strapya. Not much but then I haven’t really had a chance to think about what I wanted to write about this week. Maybe next week, it’ll flow better for me.

And random as it is, I was browsing around for maybe other things to talk about, I found this – which is the same exact charm squishy doughnut charm that I have! How surprising…

So what are your thoughts on the competition? Do you know how it works? And do you think Hello Kitty would win again this year or does she have competition? Until next time!


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