Strapya Weekly: Step One: Admitting I Have A Problem

Like the title says, I have to admit that I have a problem. And that problem is that my kryptonite are phone charms. Back when I used to work in Sanrio, there was a little stand up figure where the straps would be on sale. From the get go, I knew which ones I was going to get. I wanted to get the more elegant and the cute and the ones with the bells. I love bells. I don’t know why. I got charms that you can squish and charms that creates special effects. In fact, I had charms that I got for a quarter in the little gumball machines, I was so obsessed. And so, as per my addiction, I have to look at Strapya at least once a week.

The truth is I have bought something from there but it’s only these because I have an iPhone and, well, it hinders my ability to have charms. However, the gum is so sturdy – that I am able to have charms again! Imagine my happiness! Right now, I only have one squishy charm (Hello Kitty literally through a doughnut), one bell charm (Cinamonmonroll), a KPOP idol charm I purchased in Koreatown, Los Angeles CA (it’s Onew from SHINee if you wanted to know), and a cute Hello Kitty in a rabbit outfit with a pink bow.

Not that much but I wish I had more.

I have an entire tin that has my other straps that I don’t really want on – but I haven’t been able to find the other charms to put in. Once I get a chance, it’ll be in there.

Anyway, that’s the depth of my love and obsession with cell phone charms. And thus, with some encouragement from Kacie, I decided to write this:Strapya Weekly. What it’ll be is that every week, I’ll collect all the email notices and pick out which one would be the most interesting to talk about. I may post about sales and have sale codes (to share my obsession with my readers) so keep an eye out for those in particular.

This week, I’m going to talk about the Strapya’s new release of Sanrio Hello Kitty Union Jack Series.


I no longer work at the Sanrio store but when I did, we would always get different lines of Hello Kitty. Sometimes she has a mature look, sometimes she has a really girly look, or her style really does appeal to both teenaged girls and adult women. So more often than not she would come out with a look from London or similar to the London fashion scene. This line isn’t any different.

The very first thing I noticed about this new line is that this is already sold out. Wow! But then, it is Hello Kitty and she usually sells out pretty quickly anyway. There’s a couple of other charms until I see this. It’s a pouch for your smartphone (or anything really that you can fit in). It seems that you can carry it by itself if you’re going to the store or getting some bubble tea. But, according to the description, you can attach it to your belt loop or your bag! How convenient!

Here‘s another bag that they’re selling. If I could choose between the two, I would pick the other bag. The rest of the items they’re selling are also pretty cool. They have a couple of cleaner straps as well as key covers.

I’ve never seen a card case like this before. Basically, it’s a keychain card holder where you can pull out a card as it hangs and it actually stays on! Or at least it seems that way. I would probably buy it myself if they had any other alternate designs. I like the hoodie but I don’t really like what’s  on the hoodie.

And finally, there’s a neck strap (oh, that’s sold out too?). Personally, I don’t like neck straps that much because I feel I would rather wear necklaces instead. But that’s just me. The design is really cute – she’s wearing the Buckingham Palace guard outfits with her trademark logo and name over along with the line’s logo.

Generally, I like it. I probably wouldn’t want to get anything from the line except maybe the keychain card holder.

What about you? Would there be anything from this particular line that you’d consider getting? And what’s your kryptonite?


2 Responses to Strapya Weekly: Step One: Admitting I Have A Problem

  1. I love this weekly section~ Strapya is my weakness lol. It has so many weird things beyond phone charms, it’s amazing. u_u! I’ve had my eye on that Union Jack Kitty! It’s adorable~ But, since I also have an ipod, I have to think twice about the straps I buy, haha. I have yet to pick out an iPhone case that I really like with a hole for charms. I love love love their Disney selection. Especially when they have Mickey shaped like food haha (like and! Just so adorable, sometimes too adorable. ;u;

    • moonrabbit says:

      Oh my goodness, I love the first one you showed me! And yeah, it’s kinda hard to find any thing like that. Though, they did have some jacks you can put in the headphone socket and hang your charms that way! 😮

      Augh, I want the first charm! That’s so cute!

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