Jeweled Phone Accessories? Oh boy…

Why do you keep tempting me??

The original Strapya company (called Strapya Next) was founded in 1998 by Atsushi Higushi – the company was and is a store for cell phone straps. Cell phones became extremely popular in the late 90s in Japan and kept growing even to this day. And what will fashionable people put on their straps? Cell phone charms, of course!

On most cell phones, there’s usually a couple of holes at the corner of the phone to put on the strap to make it more mature, elegant, cute, or whatever you feel would best express yourself on the phone.

Very soon this company became popular internationally and thus they called themselves Strapya World in 2006. There’s an English and Japanese website so people from all over the world can order these, usually Japanese-exclusive, cell phone charms, phone accessories, or other items.

And naturally, as a a collector and admirer of phone charms myself, I’ve subscribed to the English part of the website to get weekly emails or special emails regarding sales, clearance, or important information about the site.

Recently, they sent me an email about a new product from the company San-X (known for having Rilakkuma & company): a jeweled phone charm of Rilakkuma.

It even comes in a cute box too…

The catch? Well, it costs 48 USD. And that doesn’t include shipping and handling and maybe the import taxes that’s included in that. As much as I would want it – I don’t think I would want to take it outside the house. You see, my charms have a very bad habit of breaking either because the strap isn’t strong enough or something’s wrong with the strap itself. In other words: I have bad luck with cell phone straps.

It sucks because I would love to carry this on my phone since it also has a Rilakkuma cover as well. Obviously it would match and it’d pull it together, you know? But sadly, because of my bad luck, I can only yearn from afar. But at the same time I wonder – who would be brave enough to want to take this out into the world?

I know the world isn’t as scary as I’m making it out to be but at the same time… really? The charm apparently is covered rhinestones so, again, how could you take this out into the world unless you’re in an absolutely sure environment that it wouldn’t get stolen?

Though, I guess if  people have the money to buy this, then more power to them! Perhaps I have this view because of my bad luck (and allergies, in the worst season yet). So it makes me wonder: would you purchase this? If so, would you be willing to put it on your phone (if you’re able to)?


3 Responses to Jeweled Phone Accessories? Oh boy…

  1. I love, love Strapya World! It can be a bit expensive, but the shipping is a flat rate. So, whenever I shop there I make sure to make it worth my while. I love that they have more than just phone straps and phone accessories, but a lot of random, interesting products as well. This Rilakkuma phone charm is so adorable, but I agree, too expensive to put on a phone. I’d probably display it somewhere safe or keep it in the box.

    • moonrabbit says:

      I agree! I love that they had the stickers for the iPhone to at least give us users a chance to get cute phone charms too. :3

      Haha, seriously. I’d probably hang it up at my house for show (and maybe framed…).

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