Koda Kumi Releases Own Circle Lens Brand

You can’t even tell she’s pregnant, she’s so gorgeous. ;~;

Like so many idols and models, it seems that Koda Kumi is following them in their footsteps while on hiatus. She’s releasing her own brand of circle lens! Below is the details that’s been released:

[Product Description]

  • Brand name: “loveil” (Ravu~eru)
  • Item 2 will be all colors. 30 pieces per box.
  • Amber Midnight (products designed and produced by Koda Kumi) -Silky Beige
  • Release date will be June 2012 manufacturers suggested retail price (including tax) ¥ 3,980
  • day disposable soft contact lenses 30 sheets per box
  • Sales frequency (D): 0.00 · -0.75 ~ -5.00 -5.00 ~ -8.00 (unit 0.25) 25PWR total (unit0.50)
  • all-day wear
  • lens diameter: 14.2mm BC (base curve): 8.6mm
  • color contact lenses for vision correction with single-use
  • color contact lenses for vision correction with single-use non-
  • medical device approval number: 22300BZX00212A06
  • permit advanced management medical equipment sales industry: 4501131000010No. of

EC site and Stores Handling Products
loveil official shopping site
URL: http://www.loveil.jp (PC, common mobile)
URL: http://cws.st/ (PC, common mobile)
Luvlit (Raburitto)
URL: http://luvlit.jp/ (PC, common mobile)

And other specialty stores contact lenses, eyeglasses store, discount stores, drug stores, etc.

Sequential treatment plan

Contact Information [Product]

  • T-Garden Customer Center Co., Ltd.
  • TEL :0120-1123-04 (10:00 ~ 19:00 on weekdays)
  • E-MAIL: toiawase@loveil.jp

Wow. Soft lenses? All day wear? Ugh. I want them so much. Below is what the two lenses colors are going to look like:

Honestly, I have no clue what that says.

Honestly, I just gotta know if they come in prescription. If so, I should go find a group order to get one myself. Oh wait. It does. Great! I really need to start my own circle lens collection. So glad that Koda Kumi is able to kick start that. What do you think though? Do you think that it’s just the power of celebrity again or maybe something special? Would you personally order these for yourself? (source)


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