Now Available: Korean Beauty Products … but only for Koreans?

Not like this is the first time KPOP Heaven’s tried to seduce me into shopping at their site.

As a Latina blogger, especially one who is interested in Asian fashion and beauty products, it’s next to impossible to find a product that can work with my skin. Of course, that’s not to say that all Hispanic skin is alike, after all, we’re human too and we have different genetics and other things that factor into it. My skin is somewhat oily (especially around my face because my hair can get really super-duper greasy really quickly) and it can get rather dry.

The problem is, I’m not sure where to go. There are those beauty products the site, KPOP Heaven, advertises that are, of course, endorsed by celebrities. I think the ones that stand out the most to me are: The Face Shop Lovely Mix Face Mask endorsed by Seohyun of Girls’ Generation fame, this Etude House Follow Me Lip Tint by 2Ne1, as well as others from SHINee. I mean of course I could always look up the reviews and go from there but, personally, I’d rather have someone straight up tell me if this product going to make me look as gorgeous as Lee Hyori or have a really blotched up face. I’m not exactly an expertise in makeup and that’s why I ask questions.

And to answer my title question: I would imagine the Korean beauty products being made would be specifically for Koreans but with the Hallyu wave coming through (I’m not sure if you guys want to take it seriously or not but deny it or not, there is a movement going on with it), I wonder if the Korean companies are going to make products for the Westerners who are interested in their products or if they’re already using them. And to which I ask: is it worthwhile? Is it worth importing the face creams when the face creams in North America (or your respective country) may have the better creams? Or … am I just thinking too much on this?

Not gonna lie, I am tempted by this Holika Holika Magic Pole Mascara they have going on for this beauty sale KPOP Heaven is having. Yep, it’s a pre-order item and I would have to more likely pay $18 plus shipping and handling. Upon closer inspection, it seems that CNBlue prefers to have this type of makeup on their ideal girl types.

The power of celebrity strikes again!

And then they have this interesting looking makeup base from Tony Moly (its full title is actually: Tony Moly Latte Art Milk Tea Morning Pack.)

The description reads:

  • As a makeup base, it preps the skin for makeup by smoothing the skin, leaving behind an instant moisture veil, hydrating touch and silky finish.
  • Contains black tea extract, corn hair tea extract and caffeine to provide nourishment and lift the face line.

That sounds wonderful! Perfect in this dry heat desert I’m living in! But wait. I missed something. What did it say on top of that?:

Endorsed by T-ara, Tony Moly’s Latte Art Milk Tea Morning Pack is a 2-in-1 beauty product that acts as a makeup base or moisturizer when mixed with the cream essence. Best of all, it’s cutely designed to look like a real cup of milk tea latte!

Strike three! I’m out! It seems that the power of celebrity isn’t just an US thing: it’s an international thing for sure. Nothing wrong with that, per say, just… I don’t know. I don’t want to say irritating because that’s something I’ll never avoid unless I want to be strictly indie (which I’m sure can be done but pretty expensive to do).

I want to say disappointing only because I, as a Latina blogger who’s interested in Asian fashion and beauty products, am not the company’s target audience.

Oh well. At least the shirts are pretty cute.


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