Circle Lens: Fashion Accessory or Scam?


Circle lens are contact lenses, originally from South Korea, that have a dark limbal ring to make the irises appear larger than they really are. They’re made to make the eyes look bigger and shinier. These are extremely popular with gyaru and ulzzang as well as Asia in general. These can come with prescription (for people such as myself who are interested but wears prescriptive glasses) or they’re just regular contacts.

These contacts are not bought in stores and are usually bought online mostly because, in the United States, these lenses are not FDA approved and are currently classified as a medical device thus are declared not legal for sale without a valid prescription However, they were popularized in Western pop culture when Lady Gaga had them on for her music video, Bad Romance.

They usually come in 14 mm in diameter since eyes are generally the same size although you can always choose a different size for the different lenses. The trouble that also comes along with especially colored circle lenses is that while they obviously come out bright and pretty on Asian girls in the advertisements (and Asian women typically have dark eyes to begin with), not all of the lenses will appear as the color as such. For someone like me, I have really dark brown eyes. I’d have to do trial and error in order to get the size and brightness I want. And more often times than not, the color will not appear at all unless it comes up in a flash of light or if someone really looks hard enough.

However, that’s not going to hinder on its popularity. There are many communities on the Internet where one could talk about which brand of circle lens are the best and which ones you should avoid.

And in this case, there’s one that currently has the Internet gyaru and ulzzang blogosphere on alert about these things.

edit: before you go further into this blog, apparently I was wrong about the whole thing. As it turns out, the blogger I’m going to talk about is known to spread slander in order to gain more blog hits. My apologies. I’m still sort of new in the gyaru community and I should really double check my facts and do the extra research instead of just taking everything face value (oops). Mistakes were made & corrected.

There’s a popular circle lens store online calledPinky Paradise (who are from Malaysia) that currently sells these circle lens online, but they also sell other beauty and accessories for their circle lens. You can search for what you want in sizes or even colors. As I mentioned before, not all colors will show up on a person simply because of how the lenses are made. Some will appear better than others but, again, trial & error.

Anyway, this blogger here has described her bout with this company in detail – she describes the false advertisements that Pinky Paradise had done (and not only that, deleted her boyfriend’s account in which she and her boyfriend used in order to purchase these circle lens). From what her personal account reads, her boyfriend had purchased some circle lens for her (“Barbie King Size Aqua”) as part of her birthday presents. When she put them on, she didn’t get quite what she wanted. You see, on the advertisement they had for these, the circle lens company used a Japanese model named Sakurina who is known to have really dark eyes (you can see it at the top of this post).

Understandably, she knew that it was still sort of a risk buying these circle lenses because this was an advertisement – of course they were going to make it seem that Sakurina’s eyes were going to be brighter with their particular circle lens. But they made her eyes a navy blue or a very dark shade of blue. She checked out the reviews and it seemed everyone was getting the same thing. She re-read the description for those lenses and found out that they had the “Candy Magic”, which is a brand name for circle lens, logo and it came with a box. The case she received only came with two containers with “G&G” on them – there was no box. She decided to do further research into it and since she liked that particular brand and found out that they had different colors such as brown, black, blue, purple, green and grey. But… there’s no such as grey colored lenses in the Barbie King brand! Only grey, light blue, brown, and black.

As it turns out, they were from different brands but Pinky Paradise were selling them as Barbie King. So, they were false advertising. And not only that, Pinky Paradise had claimed that their lenses were “authentic” and came “straight from the Japanese magazines”. Even then, they were charging much more than needed. From what I understand, they were selling at a almost a 200% price difference.

Rightfully outraged, she had e-mailed the company about what was going on (the prices, the patterns since they were remarkably different than what they’re advertising and so much more) and even asked for a refund and all she got as a response was: to research more and even translated the Candy Magic website from Japanese to English in Google Translator. The blogger who had done the research actually knows how to read and understand Japanese so this was insulting to her on a personal level. She was also refused to have her $200 refunded back to her and that was when the website deleted her boyfriend’s account.

In an effort to appear as though nothing was wrong,Pinky Paradise changed their whole website layout and took off all, if not most, of the pictures. and even changed some of their name products.

To summarize, June’s, the blogger, boyfriend purchased something he thought were the actual lenses. As it turns out, the lenses weren’t as they said and they also caused irritation as well as dryness on her eyes. And after June had done more research about the lenses itself, she found out that not only were they false advertising but they were over charging as well. Circle lenses shouldn’t cost more than 20 USD (including shipping and handling).

Personally, I’m glad that I came across this, especially as someone who wants to own a pair of circle lenses one day and I hope you too can spread the word. I have found this on my Tumblr and I thought I could share it here and pass it off as a warning to those who are interested in these products and most specifically, Pinky Paradise‘s products.


6 Responses to Circle Lens: Fashion Accessory or Scam?

  1. Purin_san says:

    It’s called OEM’ing. Also, it’s discounted.
    ._. You fail and so does she.

  2. Exe_Cute says:

    I hope you know this person is a scammer, right? She is known at Gaia to do EVERYTHING to get more hits at her blog even it makes damage to other.


    • moonrabbit says:

      ahh, i see. my apologies then. also if you’re going to call me an idiot or call this person out for defamation or whatever, please don’t call those who are misinformed idiots. a simple correction would suffice enough.

  3. You really need to be responsible for actually correcting the errors you’ve left in this. If you had read the comments on her original post you’d see that PP “deleted” her boyfriend because they deleted EVERYONE, as in they were changing systems so all accounts were erased to move over to it. You’ve also managed to misread the slanderer’s article. $20 is CHEAPER than the Candy Magic site because they were not branded with CM labels, it is infact CM that sells them for 200% price increase because they are a popular brand despite the lenses being from the same OEM.

    • moonrabbit says:

      Once again, I apologize for my mistake. I’ll be sure to do better whenever I make another post about circle lens and fashion in general. I’m not quite sure what more you want from me other than a declaration of “FORGIVE ME O EDUCATED ONE I AM DUMB AND STUPID AND YOU ARE SUPERIOR”. I am not one to delete my mistakes as though it never happened. If it bothers you that much, I suggest this is the wrong blog to come to because in order to learn, I need to see what I did wrong and what I should do to not do it again.

      So please sit down.

      edit: upon re-reading my comment, I came off a little strong and snappy. I apologize for that too. I’m suffering through some really heavy allergies right now and it feels there’s no relief for me right now.

      • You do not delete anything, you do a STRIKE code through the wrong things and then type the correct thing after. I don’t know how wordpress does it but and should work like bold and italics tags. That way you can still read them but you will also be able to say it’s wrong.

        Here is an example of something wrong and here i would put my correction.

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